7 Health Benefits of Watermelon

health benefits of watermelon - wholikeit.com

health benefits of watermelon - wholikeit.com

The scientific name of watermelon is Citrullus lanatus and this fruit is typically found in the summer season. Due to the presence of high amount of water, it keeps your body hydrated and cool. The fruit also contains other essential nutrients and minerals, which can keep your body fit and healthy. The fruit generally grows in creepers and the size of the fruit being very large. The outermost covering is greenish and hard, but the inner portion is very sweet and juicy. This fruit basically originated from South Africa and then it became popular in the rest of the world. In earlier days, watermelons were grown in the regions of light soil and the growth of the fruit was favorable with high temperature. The outermost crust of the fruit is even used in preparation of pickles and savory dishes. The flavor of the fruit also ranges from excessive sweet to moderate sweet, depending upon the climate of the region. Some of the health benefits of watermelon are further discussed below:–

1) Maintain Cardiovascular & Bone Health: The essential element lycopene found in watermelon is highly important to maintain the cardiovascular health of the body. Even this element helps to increase the bone density and strengthens the bone health enormously. As watermelon contains a high percentage of water, it helps to dilute the blood and initiates smooth passage of blood through the heart system. Dietary lycopene also reduces the amount of oxidative stress, which can reduce the effects of osteoporosis or degradation of bone health. Moreover, water melon also contains potassium, which helps to absorb the calcium within the body. It thereby maintains the bone and the heart health.

2) Reduces Body Fat: Watermelon plays a significant role in reducing the excess body fats. The element Citrulline present in the fruit prevents the deposition of excess fat bodies in the fat cells. Citrulline is basically, a variation of Amino Acid, which is further converted into Arginine in the body.

3) Helps Proper Working of the Kidney: Watermelon is a fruit, which acts as a natural diuretic element, which helps in the increase of the urine flow. This reduces the negative effect on the kidneys and the health of the kidney is enhanced.

4) Initiates Muscle & Nerve Support: Being extremely rich in potassium, the fruit acts as a great natural electrolyte. It thereby initiates the proper working of the muscles and the nerve support system. The element Potassium helps to maintain the frequency  of the muscle contraction and relaxation.

5) Improves Eye Health: Watermelon contains high percentage of beta-carotene, which is further converted into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is the key ingredient to maintain eye health and proper vision.

6) Helps to Strengthen the Immunity System & Prevents Cell Damage: Due to the presence of Vitamin C, watermelon helps to boost the immunity system of the body. Vitamin C is great in maintaining the immune power and also prevents the adverse effects of cell damage in the body.

7) Alkaline Formation: Watermelons help in the alkaline formation in the body. Consuming lots of alkaline-forming foods can enhance your health.

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