7 Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds

healthy benefits of poppy seeds - wholikeit.com

healthy benefits of poppy seeds - wholikeit.com

Poppy seeds or better known as Khas-khas is immensely popular in Asian region. Poppy seeds are often used in numerous Indian dishes. The herb is also used in preparing various medicines. The extract of poppy seeds is also used in the preparation of various health tonics. The roots of poppy plants have a strong fragrance and is used to cure numerous diseases. Poppy seeds are extremely rich in protein, dietary fibers, calcium, phosphorous and starch. Hence, the poppy seeds are greatly beneficial to cure stomach irritation, thirst quench and inflammation issues. The seeds act as a coolant and hence can be used to cure stomach disorders and stomach irritation. Let us check out some major health benefits of poppy seeds.

1) Cures Insomnia: Poppy seeds are often used to cure the problems of Insomnia and sleep disorder. It is advisable to consume grounded poppy seeds mixed with warm milk, before going to bed. It stimulates the nervous systems and initiates a cooling effect, which soothes the body. Also, if you have 1 tsp. of pure poppy oil daily, before going to bed, it can treat the problems of Insomnia.

2) Treats Stomach Disorders or Dysentery: Poppy seeds are also used to cure the problems of dysentery. For best results, ground 1 tsp. of poppy seeds and the powder thus obtained need to be filled until turns golden brown. Mix this roasted powder with a small amount of honey and have it for one or times for three to four days. This remedy is sure to cure the problems of dysentery.

3) Reduces the Symptoms of Pain and Ache: Poppy seeds is used to cure body and joint pains. The ingredient opium found in the seeds is used to cure the diseases like tumors, leprosy, ulcers, joint aches etc. The mixture of poppy seeds and milk is used to cure the pain of gall bladder stones.

4) Reduces Heat and Burning Sensation of the Body: The roots of poppy plants are used to bring a soothing effect in the body. The root of the plat is grounded and the paste is evenly rubbed over the burnt area.

5) Treats Dry Itching: The mixture of grounded poppy seeds and lime juice is used to treat the irritation caused out of dry itch.

6) Reduces Muscular Pain: Poppy seeds are highly beneficial to treat muscular and joint pains. Grounded poppy seeds is mixed with equal quantity of coconut oil and can be applied on the potion of pain. This mixture instantly reduces the feeling of muscular pain.

7) Cures Breast Cancer: The seeds of a poppy plats contain essential element known as oleic acid. This acid is used to cure the problems of breast cancer and reduces its side effects. Poppy acids also contain some beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, which can cure the incoming of breast cancer.

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