7 Health Benefits of Onion

health benefits of onion - wholikeit.com

health benefits of onion - wholikeit.com

Onion is one of the most popular used vegetables in India. Especially the red onions are grown in our country and it is the major ingredient of most of our dishes. It enhances the taste of the recipes and adds a rich flavor to it. Onion has also numerous health benefits and hence it should definitely be included in your daily diet. In ancient days, this vegetable was used to prepare various Ayurvedic medicines. Let us check out some of the major health benefits of Onion.

1) Cures Anaemia: Onion can greatly reduce the symptoms of iron deficiency or so called Anaemia. Onion contains a high percentage of iron and hence it reduces the scarcity of iron in the blood. The iron content of the vegetable helps to increase the count of red blood cells (RBC) in the human body. The iron present in onions can be easily assimilated with the human blood due to its property of high solubility. Hence, onion can be effectively used to treat the problem of Anaemia.

2) Prevention of Cancer: Onion has very effective remedy to cure the harmful disease of cancer. The various types of cancer including, ovarian cancer, rectal cancer and laryngeal cancer can be successfully cured by onion. The dietary fibre present in onion plays a major role to cure the disease of cancer.

3) Maintains the Blood Pressure Level: Onion can be effectively used to bring down the blood pressure level to the normal level. People suffering from high blood pressure should definitely consume raw or cooked onion in their daily diet. Onion helps to dilute the blood, prevent formation of blood clotting and removes the unwanted trans- fats from the human blood.

4) Good for Your Skin: Onion helps to rejuvenate your skin cells and add an extra glow to your skin. The presence of essential nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron and the anti-oxidants help to form a resistive covering upon your skin. Your skin is thereby protected from the harmful UV rays and protects your skin from tanning.Moreover; onion also prevents the problems of skin wrinkling and premature aging of the skin. Onion also acts as an effective antiseptic and can protect your skin from fungal and bacterial skin infections.

5) Controls Cholesterol Level: Regular intake of onion can help to control your cholesterol level significantly. It helps to prevent the deposition of LDL and thereby protects the body from the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

6) Controls the Blood Sugar Level: The presence of Chromium in onions help to lower down the insulin level of the blood and helps to improve the glucose tolerance level. Hence, onion can be effectively used to keep your diabetes in proper control.

7) Treatments of Hair Loss: Various researches have already proved that onion is great for hair growth and can be effectively used for the prevention of hair loss. Applying onion juice on your scalp can enhance the re-growth of damaged hairs. The onion juice is a great remedy for stimulating your blood circulation and increasing the hair growing rate. Onion juice contains high amount of sulphur and this sulphur helps in the production and enhancement of the collagen tissues. These tissues further leads to the re-growth of your hairs.

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