7 Health Benefits of Jackfruit

health benefits of jackfruit - wholikeit.com

health benefits of jackfruit - wholikeit.com

Jackfruit is a summer fruit that grows in the tropical region of the world. The fruit can be eaten both in ripened raw form or else cooked in form of vegetable dishes. Jackfruit is popular because of its unique flavor, color, shape and size. Generally, the fruit grows very big in size and the trees are extremely tall, with round shaped leaves. The outermost part of the fruit has a thorny covering and the inner fruit portion is soft and juicy. The ripened form of the fruit taste very sweet. As most of the tropical fruits like banana, cherry, durian etc. these fruits are rich in dietary fibers, minerals, nutrients and essential compounds. The length of a jackfruit tree is almost 30-40 meters and it is even larger than mango trees. These trees are basically grown in southwestern rain forest regions of our country. Moreover, the jackfruit trees are also grown in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Thailand etc. The growth of the tree occurs best in the tropical humid weather where the temperature is moderate and full of moisture.

1) Boosts the Immune System: Jackfruit is an extremely nutritious fruit, that helps to improve the immunity system of the body. The Vitamin C present in the fruit helps to combat the infections of cold and flu. Moreover, jackfruit also contains essential anti-oxidants, which helps to release the free radicals and makes the immune system stronger. The nutrient Vitamin C also contains some essential sugars, which results in boosting the immune function.

2) Treats Cancer: Jackfruit helps to retard the growth of cancerous cells in the body and prevents the mutation of these harmful cells. Being an anti-oxidant rich fruit, jackfruit protects the DNA from the harmful attacks of the cancer cells. The fruit has a sticky and starchy composition, which helps to clean the colon portion and removes all the unwanted toxins from the body. Thus it prevents colon cancer and protects the body from any kind of side effects.

3) Prevents Bone Loss: Due to the presence of essential nutrients like calcium and magnesium, jackfruit helps to build stronger and healthier bones. These nutrients help to improve the bone density and thereby help in calcification of the body bones.

4) Maintains the Thyroid Health: The presence of copper highly contributes in maintaining the health of the thyroid. Jackfruit contains high amount of copper, which thereby helps in thyroid metabolism and hormone production. Copper helps in maintaining and strengthening the thyroid hormones and thereby protects the body from harmful diseases like Goiter.

5) Improves Vision: Jackfruit contains essential anti-oxidant rich compound like flavanoids that helps to release the useful radicals and protects the DNA from any damage. These free oxygen radicals help to degenerate the retinal cells and thus improves vision.

6) Aids in Digestion: Due to the presence of dietary fibers, jackfruit helps to improve the digestive system and preventing the problems of constipation or bowel irregularity.

7) Lowers Risk of Heart Disease: due to the presence of various essential nutrients and Vitamin B6, jackfruit helps to maintain a healthy heart condition and even protect it from the risk of heart attack or strokes.

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