7 Health Benefits of Garlic

health benefits of garlic - wholikeit.com

health benefits of garlic - wholikeit.com

Garlic is one the best healthiest vegetables, that cures numerous health problems. Even doctors prescribe to have raw garlic, to increase your immune power and keep you more fit. Garlic is used to cure cold and cough, joint pains and skin diseases. By including garlic in your regular diet, you can keep your body immune from various diseases. Garlic has huge medicinal values and can prevent various infections and contaminated health diseases. But it is advisable to consume garlic in the raw form, because cooking at a very high temperature destroys some essential medicinal effects of the elements present in garlic. Let us further discuss, about some of the health benefits of garlic:–

1) Anti Bacterial Effect: Garlic has certain anti-bacterial property, which is helpful in preventing various bacterial diseases. It prevents the spreading of bacterial infection in the human body and retards the growth of bacterial infections. It can ward of the harmful effects of various bacteria including listeria, salmonella, meningitis and many more.

2) Good for your Heart Health: Garlic is beneficial to maintain healthy heart health. It maintains the cholesterol levels of the blood and prevents any blood clotting in the arteries. This further helps in smooth flow of the blood through the cardiovascular system. The element allicin present in garlic prevents the deposition of LDL and thereby maintains heart health. Various researchers have already proved that a single clove of garlic can bring down the blood cholesterol level by approximately 9%.The sulphur compounds present in garlic helps to enlarge the width of the blood vessels. This regulates the smooth flow of blood through the vessels and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

3) Maintain Proper Condition of the Liver: The element allicin present in garlic increases the content of anti-oxidant enzymes in the human blood. This further fights against the harmful effects of nicotine and maintains the proper and healthy condition of the liver. Garlic also has certain compounds that helps to fight against various types of cancers including, breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer etc.

4) Treats Respiratory Problems: garlic is a powerful antibiotic and possesses the power to fight against disease carrying germs. Garlic stimulates the proper working of the digestive system and maintains the adequate functioning of the respiratory organs.

5) Maintains the Functioning of the Gall Bladder: Garlic also maintains the condition and proper working of the gall bladder. It prevents the deposition of stones in the gall bladder and protects it from various intestinal infections. Garlic also eliminates the problems caused by the putrefactive intestinal germs or bacteria.

6) Anti-Oxidant Effect: garlic possesses the essential qualities of anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, antiseptic and many more. Due to its anti-oxidant property, it deliberately fights against the harmful free radicals present in the body. It maintains proper blood circulation and also maintains the blood pressure. Garlic is often used to cure the problems of cough and cold.

7) Prevents Blood Clotting: Garlic also helps in preventing the blood clotting in the body. It thereby helps in relieving the problems of fatigue, breathing problems and the formation of excessive gas within the digestive tract.

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