7 Health Benefits of Cashew Nut

health benefits of cashew nut - wholikeit.com

health benefits of cashew nut - wholikeit.com

Cashew is basically a type of nut, which is widely popular in many countries including India, Brazil, Africa, UAE etc. The cashew tree basically originated from Brazil and later became known to the rest of the world. Cashew nuts are extremely rich in essential elements like phosphorous, zinc, magnesium and iron. The nuts also acts as a great anti-oxidant. The cashew tree is near about 40feet tall and the growth of the fruits is favored in the tropical climate. In England, the fruits of the tree are also known as cashew apples. The fruit has a kidney like structure and the nut grows at the end of the fruit. The outermost covering of the nut is extremely hard. Cashew nut have low fat content, than any other nuts and hence has huge number of health benefits.

1) Prevention of Cancer: Cashews contain essential proanthocyanidins, which is typically a type of flavonols. These element retards the growth and further multiplication of cancerous cells. Cashews also reduces the risk of colon cancer in the body. The cashew nuts contain high percentage of phytochemicals, which protects the body from harmful heart and cancer diseases.

2) Maintains Healthy Heart: Cashews contain low amount of cholesterol and high percentage of anti-oxidants. These reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The presence of magnesium helps to bring down the blood pressure level and maintains smooth passage of blood through the heart.

3) Enhances Bone Health: Cashew nuts are extremely rich in magnesium content. Due to the presence of this element, it greatly enhances the bone density and maintains healthy bone structures.

4) Prevent Formation of Gallstones: According to numerous researches, it has been observed that cashew nuts reduces the formation of harmful gallstones in the body.

5) Initiates Weight Loss: Cashew nuts contain low percentage of cholesterol and hence can be used to control the excess body weight. Cashew nuts consist of good fats, which are quite great for the body. Moreover, cashew nuts contain some best nutrients and minerals, which are not present in almond, walnuts and peanuts. The nuts are high energy food and contain high percentage of dietary fibers, which can effectively control the body weight.

6) Maintains the Working of the Nerves: Cashew nuts helps to maintain the proper functioning of the body nerves. By preventing excessive flow of the calcium, the presence of magnesium helps to maintain the nerves healthy .Excessive calcium can lead to the blockage of the nerve cells.

7) Maintains Good Skin and Hair: Cashew nuts contain high amount of copper, which helps to maintain the skin and hair health. Copper maintains the texture of the hair and initiates proper growth. The elements like iron and magnesium helps to maintain the health of the skin and enhance the glow.

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