7 Health Benefits of Black Pepper

health benefits of black pepper - wholikeit.com

health benefits of black pepper - wholikeit.com

Black Pepper is a popular spice, which is used in many preparations to add flavor .Black pepper belongs to the Piperaceae family and is a type of spicy pepper. It is used as both spice as well as in medicines. The presence of piperine in the black pepper makes it more hot and spicy to taste. Black pepper is found in abundant in the southern region of India. Mostly in Kerala spice garden. It is not a seasonal fruit, but it grows throughout the year. The pepper is used in the dried form and the freshly crushed black pepper adds a special fragrance and taste to your dishes. Black pepper has huge health benefits and some of the major health benefits are discussed below:–

1) Aids in Digestion and Good for the Stomach Health: Black pepper increases the secretion of various secreting acids in the stomach. This helps to enhance the activity of digestion and prevents the problems of constipation or indigestion. Moreover, pepper also initiates the formation of intestinal gas in the stomach, which promotes sweating and urination. This brings a huge relief for the stomach and helps in excretion of the toxic elements from the body.

2) Initiates Weight Loss: The outermost layer of black pepper helps in the breakdown of the fat cells in the human body. Thus, black pepper effectively reduces the formation of fat cells in the body and initiates the process of weight loss.

3) Enhances Skin Health: Pepper helps to keep your skin healthy and maintains it glow. It is effective to cure skin problems like skin pigmentation or dullness of the skin. Additionally, pepper has some essential compounds that can help to prevent the disease of skin cancer and protects the skin from the harmful effects of the ultra-violet radiation of the sun.

4) Treats Respiratory Issues: In various Ayurvedic medicines and tonics, black pepper is essentially used to cure complex respiratory issues. Pepper offers relief from nasal congestion and cough blockage. It thereby helps to clear the respiratory passage and aid in respiratory or breathing issues. Pepper helps in the breakup of mucus or phlegm deposition in the respiratory tract and thereby clears the respiratory passage.

5) Treats Asthma: As pepper is an effective spice, to cure respiratory or breathing issues. It is highly beneficial to cure the disease of Asthma, which causes severe breathing problems. Pepper has strong expectorant as well as anti-inflammatory properties, to cure respiratory issues.

6) Treats Peptic Ulcers: In various researches it has already been proven that pepper can effectively treat the problems of peptic ulcers and gastric mucosal damage. It brings an aid of relief to any stomach sore and pain.

7) Anti-Bacterial Property to Cure Various Disease: Peppers possesses the essential antibacterial property, which helps the body to fight against harmful infections and poisonous insect bites. Pepper helps to maintain the blood pressure as well as the blood cholesterol level of the body. It thereby prevents the risk of heart attacks or severe strokes.

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