7 Health Benefits of Bay Leaf

health benefits of bay leaf

health benefits of bay leaf

Bay leaf better known as Tej patta is a popular Indian spice. It is often used in many Indian preparation, to add the aromatic flavor and essence of the spice. Bay leaf is an aromatic leaf, which is used in a dried leafy form. The leaf is three veined, pointed and is of moderate sized. The taste and fragrance of bay leaves are quite similar to the cinnamon powder. Bay leaf also has numerous health benefits and should be definitely consumed on a regular basis.

1) Treats Diabetes: Bay leaves are effective to treat the disease of type 2 diabetes. They help to maintain the blood glucose content and the blood cholesterol level. The powdered form of bay leaf can be consumed to bring down the blood sugar level. Due to the anti-oxidant effects of bay leaf, it regulates the insulin level in the body and thereby reduces the problem of diabetes.

2) Maintains Heart Health: Bay leaf contain essential phytonutrient to fight against harmful heart diseases. They help to cure heart blockages and initiates normal flow of blood through the heart.

3) Treats Cold and Cough: Bay leaves are highly effective to cure the problems of cold and cough. You can add 2-3 bay leaves in boiling water and inhale the aromatic steam. It will help to clear the respiratory passage and aid in curing the problems of cold, flu, viral fever etc.

4) Relieves Pain: The nutritious bay leaf oil extracted from the leaves are highly effective to treat joint pains and muscle strains. Massage the bay leaf oil, gently on your affected areas of pain. It offers a quick relief and a sense of relaxation to your joints and pains. It helps to boost your blood circulation and thereby helps to relax your stretched nerves and muscles. Even acute headache, arthritis or migraine pain can be cured using bay leaf oil.

5) Fights Against Cancer: Bay leaf contain essential compounds like caffeic acid, euganol and Quercetin. These compounds are great to treat the disease of cancer. These compounds contain essential phytonutrient parthenolide, which retards the growth of cancerous cells in the human body.

6) Aids Digestion: Bay leaves are great in treating digestive disorders and problems. You can mix powdered bay leaves and plain water and consume it regularly, to treat digestive issues. It helps to reduce the problems of constipation, acidity and irregular bowel movement. Bay leaves contain essential enzymes, which help in the breakage of solid food particles. It also acts as a great stimulant, to reduce any stomach ache or indigestion problems.

7) Stimulates Sleep: Bay leaves acts as a great stimulant to aid sleeping disorders. Consuming moderate quantity of bay leaves at your bedtime regularly can definitely help to induce proper sleep. You can mix a moderate quantity of the bay leaf extract with plain water and consume it on a regular basis.

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