7 Health Benefits of Basil Herb

health benefits of basil herb

health benefits of basil herb

Basil leaves are the most well known herbs, which are used in various medicines. Basil leaves are often used in Indian cooking to add a special flavor. In Italian dishes, basil is widely used, as in preparation of Pesto. This flavorful herb not only adds a special aroma to the cooking but also increases the medicinal value of the complete dish. Basil herb is popularly used in preparation of pasta sauce, salad dressings and soup. A variety of flavanoids also exists in this herb, to protect the body cells from damage. Various researches have already proved that these flavanoids present in basil herb helps in strengthening the cell structures and protects them from damage by oxygen depletion. Basil contains high percentage of Vitamin A, which helps to improve the vision and enhance cell growth. Vitamin A also helps to purify the blood cholesterol and maintain the level of cholesterol in the blood. Magnesium present in basil leaves help to control the blood circulation.

1) Enhances Immunity: Basil leaves are best known for their powerful immunity boosting effect on the body. This herb helps to prevent aging effect and maintains the immunity. Basil leaves helps the body grow strong and to fight against various anti-bacterial and anti-viral diseases. Basil leaves are great remedy to treat viral infections, cough, cold, radiation poisoning and maintaining blood sugar levels.

2) Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Various researches have already proved the anti inflammatory effects of basil leaves, that is used to cure excessive swelling and body pain. It also helps in the detoxification process and eliminates all the toxic elements from the body. Basil leaves are also in the treatment of asthma, immunological disorders and skin allergies. It also helps to enhance the blood circulation on the body. The anti-inflammatory effects of basil help to boost the immune function and fight against disease producing germs.

3) Treats Asthma: Basil is used in treating the problems of asthma. Basil helps to improve the blood circulation in the body and thereby cures respiratory blockages. This helps to treat asthma and breathing problems.

4) Maintains Skin and Reduce Acne: Basil possesses the essential anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to cleanse the skin and reduce acne effects on the skin.

5) Soothing the Stomach: Basil can effectively calm down the stomach and greatly reduce stomach disorders. The mixture of dried basil leaves and 1 cup of water can cure the problems of indigestion and soothes the stomach very well.

6) Treats Cough and Colds: Basil leaves are essentially used to treat severe cough and cold. In preparation of various cough syrup, extracts of basil leaves are used to cure cough. Even in some homemade medical preparations, basil is mixed with honey to cure the problems of cold and cough.

7) Kidney Stone: Basil has a great effect to strengthen the kidney and remove the kidney stones. The renal stone present in kidney can be removed, through the consumption of basil leaves and honey. It even helps to clear the urinary tract.

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