7 Food to go Forward this Monsoon

Food to eat in this monsoon season

Food to eat in this monsoon season

Monsoon – the weather most people love. And the food is the best part of monsoon. When you see rain drops falling in your garden and you are sitting in the balcony enjoying the scene, you definitely want to have something to get into your belly, just to cherish the scene and make it memorable. Good food leads to good mood. It is said, there is no sincere love than the love for food. True enough. It you just hop in food and don’t count on your calories much, then yes, this is for you. Just check 7 foods to go forward this monsoon:

1. Ginger Tea and Pakodas: This is an unbeatable combination to go for, especially during monsoons. Tea made with ginger gives you that zing to your tongue to savour it and when served with a plate full of pakodas, nothing can beat it. In no time you will see that with the last sip of tea, the plate of pakoda has become empty too. Just go for it.

2. Corn: Corn, or as we call it- bhutta, is another food that is loved by many to have during monsoons. Just smoke it up and then rub a slice of lemon on it. To add a punch, just put black salt on it. The taste will keep on lingering on your tongue for long.

3. Soups: Soup is always a healthy option. You can either go for clear soups or soups with corn, manchow soup. The taste buds just open up with a spoonful of soup.

4. Chole Bhature: This is another dish to go ahead with this monsoon. It is spicy and is loved mostly by the North Indians . A bowl full of chole is just enough to keep your stomach full for long and the crispy bhature just team so well with it that it will make you craving for more.

5. Samosas: Samosas and green chutney combination is just unbeatable and when you want to have fried things to eat during monsoon, this is definitely a great option. Having a cup of tea with samosa will keep you warm enough this monsoon.

6. Paw Bhaji: A Mumbai based spicy food item which is enjoyed well in all over the country. The bhaji( a combination of potatoes, vegetables and spices) has a awesome spicy taste and is served with bread (locally known as paw).

7. Khichdi: Rice cooked with lentils and vegetables and served with pickle and papad is another combination to go for this monsoon. You will love it.

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