7 Amazing Facts About Tea

amazing facts about tea - wholikeit.com

amazing facts about tea - wholikeit.com

Tea is amongst the topmost stimulating beverages in the world. There are different varieties of tea available all around the world. Tea helps to energize your body cells and supplies you optimum energy to keep your body fit and replenished. It has been noted that drinking a cup of tea regularly has several nutritional benefits. Moreover, tea is more beneficial than coffee. Let us check out some interesting facts about the tea:–

1) Tea is one of the most ancient and oldest beverages in the world. The existence of tea has been found around approximately 5000 years ago. Human from the ancient civilization also used this special herb in their daily life.

2) There are huge varieties of tea available in the market. The count of such variety would be near about hundred. Each of the varieties has its own specialty and unique flavor. They essentially differ in their color, aroma, flavor, texture, health benefits etc. Some of the varieties are to be consumed with milk and some without milk. Some of the popular varieties of the tea include:–

  • Black Tea
  • Red Tea
  • Green Tea
  • White Tea
  • Organic Tea
  • Herbal Tea
  • Masala Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Mate Tea
  • Blooming Tea
  • Tea Blends and many more.

3) Each of the different varieties of tea is made from different methods of manufacturing. Also the preparation techniques of different varieties are different. The red tea and white tea are generally prepared with milk. Sometimes a bit of freshly chopped ginger is added to make the aroma stronger and is extremely beneficial for sore throat and cough problems. Green tea and black tea are prepared without milk. Green tea is highly nutritious and often recommended by the physicians. The masala tea is prepared with some special spices, including ginger powder, cardamom powder, bay leaf, pepper etc.

4) There are numerous health befits of tea. The leaf of tea plant contains an essential element called Theine, which is useful to cure various harmful diseases. In earlier days, Chinese people used to drink tea every 2-3 hours and the researches have proved that this community survived for 100 years of their life span. Tea is an essential detoxifying element, which helps to keep the body clean and away from harmful viruses. It increases the immunity power and resistivity of the normal body. Tea is also great for your digestive system and heart health. Even diabetic patients are also advised to consume tea (without sugar) on a regular basis. Tea is great for your liver, kidney, heart, cold and cough and neural problems.

5) Tea is essentially helpful to bring down your stress level. It has been seen that Tea possesses some great psychological benefits. Tea can easily make your mind calm and relaxed. During your tight schedule of work, people generally consume a cup of tea, to keep their mind relaxed and energized.

6) Herbal tea has great anti-oxidant properties that help to cleanse your body, accelerate the metabolism rate of the body and keep the organs fit and active.

7) Various scientific researchers have proved that the element, Theine present in tea has excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidation and anti-cancer properties. This compound essentially cures your metabolic functions, prevents cancer, enhances heart health and great for diabetic patients. Some variety of tea also helps to shed your extra pounds.

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