7 Amazing Facts About Coffee You Never Heared

amazing facts about coffee - wholikeit.com

amazing facts about coffee - wholikeit.com

Coffee is the one of the top ranking beverages in the whole world. The caffeine present in the coffee beans is a strong stimulant, which helps to energize your mood and keep you more active. Coffee has several health benefits and it can be consumed daily. According to several researches, the beverage coffee is the second highest consumed beverage in the world.

Let us pay a kind attention to the seven interesting facts about coffee:–

1) Coffee is produced out of fruits and this fruit typically come from the coffee plants. The times required for the growth of coffee fruits (coffee beans) are comparatively higher than any other normal fruit. In fact, a coffee fruit gets ripened after every five years. After the maturity of the coffee tree, the maximum yield of coffee that can be obtained is nearly 5 pounds. It takes around 50 coffee beans to prepare a single cup of coffee.

2) In the USA, the single most state that is responsible for the yield of coffee is Hawaii. The cultivation of coffee is generally suited for equatorial climatic conditions. But in the USA the climate is not suited except in Hawaii. The climatic condition of Hawaii is best suited for the cultivation of coffee. Moreover, a special type of coffee known as Kona Coffee is produced in Hawaii.

3) Coffee has numerous health benefits. It has been observed that drinking coffee can help to reduce the problems of diabetes, liver problems and heart diseases. Due to its stimulating property, coffee helps to keep your cells active and energized.

4) The largest producer of coffee in the whole world is Brazil. Most of the coffee exports get their coffee delivered from this popular coffee growing country. Some of the special species of Coffee especially, Arabica and Robusta is also cultivated only in Brazil. The major economic condition of Brazil depends on its Coffee exporting business.

5) Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world. Due to its typical climatic growth conditions, coffee beans are manufactured in only a few countries. So export import business of coffee is always in great demand. Most of the tropical countries get their coffee exported from the equatorial countries.

6) The topmost coffee drinking countries in the world are the USA, France and Germany. The consumption of coffee in these three countries is higher than any other countries in the world. According to a research made in the year of 2005, the seventh largest agricultural export commodity in the world was coffee.

7) Various surveys have also concluded that the majority of coffee is consumed by men rather than women in the world. According to the survey made by the National Coffee Association ,the average consumption of coffee for the individuals are as follows:

  • Men: 1.9 Cups per day
  • Women: 1.4 cups per day
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