5 Best Healthy Recipes of Coconut

healthy recipes of coconut - wholikeit.com

healthy recipes of coconut - wholikeit.com

Coconut is popularly known as Nariyal in India. Coconut is used in many Indian dishes and especially the South-Indian cuisine is incomplete without coconut. They even use coconut oil and coconut milk in their cooking. In other parts of India shredded and raw coconut is often used in many preparations. Coconut is used to prepare various deserts and sweet dishes. Let us check out some popular coconut recipes.

1) Coconut Barfi: Barfi is a sweet delicacy and the one that is prepared using coconut is known as coconut barfi. You need to mix equal amount of khoya and grated coconut and stir them with ghee in a frying pan for at least 30 minutes. Add small quantity of cardamom powder and stir the mixture until the coconut gets fried. Now add moderated quantity of sugar syrup and mix the content well. When the mixture gets thick, pour the content into a greased plate. Cut the mixture into small rectangular pieces, in shape of barfi. Your coconut barfi is ready to be served.

2) Coconut Chutney: Coconut chutney is one of the popular South Indian chutney, often served with South Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli, Uttapam etc. Add fresh grated coconut, chillies, coriander leaves, salt, lime juice and plain yogurt in a grinder. Grind the mixture and you will obtain a thick paste. Your coconut chutney is ready to accomplish your dishes.

3) Coconut Gujiya: Gujiya is a popular savory dish, specially prepared in various occasions or festivals. Mix flour with small quantity of oil and bind the mixture well. Now add some water and form dough from the mixture. Cover the dough with a moist cloth and keep it aside for few minutes. Now add khoya, dried coconut, cardamom powder, sugar, almonds and nuts in a fry pan and roast the mixture until it turns golden brown. Make small balls from the dough and place the khoya mixture in the balls. Fold the balls and deep fry them in ghee or oil. Your Gujiyas are ready to be served hot.

4) Sri Lankan Chicken Curry: Add onion, chilies, garlic, turmeric and coriander in a fry pan and fry the content in oil or ghee. When the onion turns golden brown, add the pieces of chicken and coconut milk. Cover the pan and let the chicken cook in the coconut milk. Before serving, garnish with some fresh coconut cream and lime juice.

5) Coconut Rice: This is another popular south Indian recipe, where coconut is used in a rice preparation. Prepare the boiled rice and keep it aside. Put some fresh grated coconut in a frying pan and fry the coconut, until it turns brown and crispy. Now add some chili flakes, mustard seeds (black), curry leaves and black gram dal in the frying pan and mix well. Add the boiled rice and 1 tablespoon of ghee in the rice mixture. Your coconut rice is ready to be served hot.

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