5 Best & Worst Foods for Your Stomach

best and worst food for stomach - wholikeit.com

best and worst food for stomach - wholikeit.com

Some of the common stomach and digestive problem can lead to serious diseases to your health. We should always remember that a healthy digestive system begins with a good and nutritious diet. You need to eat the right stuff and improve your digestion. Improper digestion can hamper your cells and they would not function properly. Your digestive system is important for your health as well as happiness. In this article, we discuss about 10 best and worst foods for your stomach.

5 best foods for stomach:–

1) Beetroot: Beetroots can be an excellent food to cure your digestion issues like constipation or dysentery. Beetroots are extremely rich in its dietary fiber content, which help to eliminate the unwanted products from the body.

2) Apples: Apple is a very nutritious fruit that is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, dietary fibres and magnesium. These great nutrients help to treat your stomach problems and get rid of constipation issues. The element Pectin present in apple helps to enhance the proper functioning of the intestinal parts of your body.

3) Sweet Potato: Sweet potatoes are great food for your digestive and intestinal system. They provide heap of nutrients like dietary fiber, protein and manganese, which are beneficial for your health. Sweet potatoes help in curing problems of peptic ulcers, intestinal ulcers and some other serious digestive issues.

4) Bananas: Bananas contain huge amount of dietary fiber and potassium, the essential elements needed for proper digestion. These elements are highly beneficial to your digestive system, helping keep its functioning smoothly. Bananas are a good source of soluble fiber, which helps to ease the process of digestion. Small children are often advised to eat raw banana daily, as it improves the digestive system.

5) Oats: Oats are rich in various essential nutrients and soluble fibres. The soluble fiber enhances the adequate functioning of our intestinal system and helps to remove the unwanted toxins from the body. You should definitely include oats in your daily diet and improve the working of your digestive system.

5 worst foods for stomach:–

1) Red Meat: Eating red meat can raise the possibility of colorectal cancer in your body. The red meat is extremely high in saturated fat, which is responsible for causing cancer of the small intestine.

2) Hydrogenated Oils: The hydrogenated oils are extremely harmful for your body as they’re extremely difficult to digest and have been linked to many health problems and colon cancer. These oils even restrict the passage and production of chemicals that combat problems of inflammation and fight against the nervous systems.

3) Beans: Beans are responsible to produce intestinal gas because they contain oligosaccharide, a type of complex sugar that is difficult for the body to digest. The body is unable to break down this complex molecule and hence it leads to intestinal gas production in the body.

4) Coffee: Coffee can be extremely harmful for your stomach lining and can lead to produce hydrochloric acid. This acidic substance can cause numerous indigestion problems or health issues. People who are suffering from ulcers are prone to heartburn.

5) Fatty Foods: High fat foods, including fried and oily foods, can increase symptoms of acid Reflex in your body. Due to incapability of easier break down, these foods remain in the body for longer time.Hence; they tend to produce an extra stomach acid and cause various harmful diseases.


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