10 Reasons to Eat French Beans

health benefit of french beans - wholikeit.com

health benefit of french beans - wholikeit.com

French beans originated from central and South America and have been grown in crops for thousands of years. French beans are extremely sensitive to winter and hence they cannot be grown until May/June. Nutritional value of French beans improves eyesight. They are essentially filled with healthy dietary fibres which prevents storage of cholesterol in the body. Also, they are rich in iron, which energizes the body and also increases the haemoglobin count. The essential vitamins, Vitamin C present in French Beans are good for your immune system. This type of vitamin helps to stimulate white cells, which fight against infections and harmful diseases. French Beans Prevents and reduces inflammation of the joints in cases of arthritis.

Some of the reasons to eat French beans are discussed below:–

1) Weight Loss: French beans are extremely low in calories content and hence can be used to shed your extra pounds. French beans even contain small proportion of sodium, soluble fibres and magnesium, which is all best-suited for the purpose of weight loss.

2) Good for Pregnant Women: French beans essentially contain high percentage of folate and soluble dietary fibers. This folate is very essential for the pregnant women. It helps in proper neurological development of the fetus and gets rid of any birth complexities.

3) Improves Vision: The essential carotenoid present in French beans named, Zea-xanthin helps to improve your eye-sight. This element protects the eyes from the scorching rays of UV radiation. French Beans are thus prescribed for aged individuals, who suffer from vision impurity.

4) Protects Against Cancer: French Beans are extremely rich in dietary fibre and thereby act as a laxative to protect the innermost membrane of our body. The high fibre content also reduces the toxic effects of harmful infections and thus eliminates the risk of cancer.

5) Treats Diabetes: Diabetic patients can include French beans in their diet as these beans help in the proper regulation of the blood sugar level. The presence of fibre slows down carbohydrate metabolism and thereby maintains the percentage of blood insulin.

6) Improves Immunity: French beans contain high amounts of essential vitamins including Vitamin C, which is a great anti oxidant. This green vegetable thereby helps to enhance the immune system and the rate of metabolism.

7) Helps in Digestion: Due to the presence of high percentage of soluble dietary fibres, they are beneficial for people suffering from constipation or irregular bowel syndrome. These beans stimulate the smooth passage of urine and also eliminate harmful toxins from the human body.

8) Maintains Healthy Heart: Presence of high amounts of dietary fibre in these beans reduces high cholesterol levels in the body by decreasing the re-absorption of cholesterol binding bile acids in the colon of the human body. The mineral Potassium present in these beans helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

9) Beneficial for Skin: French beans contain flavanoids and antioxidants that help to reduce anti-ageing and wrinkling of skin. The essential vitamin, Vitamin A aids in reducing the signs of premature ageing, wrinkles and dark spots or patches.

10) Good for Bone Health: French beans contain Vitamin C and manganese that enhances the absorption of calcium and thereby enhances bone health. These vegetable lowers the risk of osteoporosis and increases bone density.


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