10 Reasons to Eat Beet Root

health benefits of beet root - wholikeit.com

health benefits of beet root - wholikeit.com

The health benefits of beet roots are crucial to our body’s well being, as they provide protection against cancer, boost our immunity system and are a great source of iron. Aside from being low calories, they do not contain any saturated fats or Trans fats. We usually ought to acquire fresh beets, which are affordable and supply us with high nutritional value. We can either prepare any preparation of this vegetable or use them raw as a topping for any type of salad.

The health benefits of beet root include:–

1) Lowers Cholesterol Level: This vegetable is great to bring down the blood cholesterol level in our body. Beetroot is a fibrous vegetable, which lowers the amount of bad cholesterol. At the same instant of time, it also enhances the rise of good cholesterol.

2) Lowers Blood Pressure: Beetroot are very useful vegetable to reduce the blood pressure level of the body. Some people have the tendency to suffer from high blood pressure issues. For such patients, beetroot is specially preferred by their medical consultants.

3) Cures Anaemia: Beetroots have the essential red blood components and hence used to cure the disease of anaemia, which is caused due to scarcity of blood in the body. Beetroot contains both the essential blood enhancing components, iron and copper. These elements help to normalize the blood content of the body. Hence, beet root can be especially helpful for people who are suffering from Anaemia.

4) Prevents Heart Diseases: Beet greens and roots contain an essential phytochemical named betacyanin, which is a great element in reducing the levels of the amino acid, which are responsible for heart and vascular diseases. These compounds in beets dissolve the harmful calcium deposits that can affect the arteries of heart.

5) Helps in Liver Functioning: Beetroots help to maintain the health of our liver and enhances the proper functioning of the liver. The component Betine, present in beetroot prevents the storage of unwanted fatty acids in the body. Excess fatty acids can turn the liver fragile and have adverse effects on the liver functioning.

6) Prevents Cancer: Beets help guard against cancers in the human body. The red beet therapy is widely used for treating leukemia, ulcers and tumors. Having beets in a diet facilitates to lower down the level of blood pressure and various heart diseases.

7) Best for Pregnant Women: Beetroot is high in nutrient contents such as folic acid, manganese, potassium, calcium and vitamin C. It is a particularly great for pregnant women who should eat more foods containing folic acid to reduce the chance of their baby having neural birth defects or fetal complexities.

8) Keeps Bones Stronger: Human body needs the mineral silica to absorb calcium efficiently, and beetroot can help you meet these requirements easily. Consuming the juice of beetroot can help to prevent the disease of osteoporosis of bones.

9) Helps in Detoxification: The essential component of beetroot, betalin support your body’s Phase 2 detoxification process. Beets are best known for their support in detoxification and help to purify your blood and your liver.

10) Good For Skin: Beets contain essential nutrients like vitamin A, which maintains healthy skin and mucus membranes as well as protecting the body against cancers and tumors.


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