10 Foods to Fight Against Diabetes

best food for diabetes - wholikeit.com

best food for diabetes - wholikeit.com

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs for a lifelong period. These diseases have major side effects and it can even hamper kidney, liver and other body parts. Hence, necessary precautions must be definitely taken to eliminate the risk of diabetes. There are numerous nutritional fruits and vegetables that are exceptionally beneficial to lower down the blood sugar level. Hence consumption of such foods should be increased in your daily diet. Some of the best food items that can help to fight diabetes includes:–

1) Walnuts: Nuts are extremely energy producing food, which can keep your body fit and healthy. Regular consumption of raw almonds and walnuts can definitely regulate the blood sugar level of the body. It has proved through various researches, that having almonds or nuts before any heavy meal can efficiently control the level of blood sugar and thereby eliminates the risk of diabetes.

2) Onions: This vegetable is extremely rich in its anti oxidant content. This anti oxidant helps to prevent fever and blood clotting in the body. Consumption of raw onion is highly recommended by most of the physicians, as it reduces the level of glucose in the blood.

3) Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a widely used spice in the Middle Eastern regions, and this beneficial spice is very effective to lower down the blood sugar level. Cinnamon essentially contains calcium, iron and manganese, which possesses anti-clotting and anti-cancer properties. Cinnamon is also used to control the blood cholesterol.

4) Basil Leaves: Basil leaves possess powerful anti-bacterial property and helps to fight against various diseases. Some of the allopathic drugs essentially contain the extract of basil leaves, due to its high medicinal value. In earlier days, various Ayurvedic medicines were made using basil leaves. Basil leaves are extremely powerful to control the blood sugar level, due to its anti-bacterial property.

5) Oats: Oats are highly nutritious food, which contain high amount of dietary fibres. Due to its essential anti-oxidant properties, oats are highly beneficial for a diabetic patient. Oats can be consumed in different ways. You can either prepare cookies or make sweet preparation, mixing with milk.

6) Broccoli: Broccoli is an extremely effective and nutritional anti-diabetic food. Broccoli contains a high percentage of chromium, which is effective to control the blood sugar level.

7) Black Gram: Again Black gram is a highly nutritious anti diabetic food. Consumption of germinated grams with small amount of fresh bitter gourd juice is highly preferable for diabetic patients.

8) Curd or Yoghurt: Milk curd is generally formed due to the deposition of bacteria in the milk. These bacteria are very beneficial for our health. They wash the toxic elements from the pancreas and keep it clean. This cleansing function helps the pancreas to stay more active and thereby produce the required amount of insulin, needed by the body.

9) Apple: This nutritious fruit is extremely beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. The essential compound Pectin present in apples helps in the detoxification process of the body. Thus it enhances the fitness quotients of the body and also regulates the blood sugar level.

10) Artichoke: Artichoke is a beneficial fruit that is used in the treatment of diabetes because of its high content of insulin. A completely ripe artichoke contains 2% insulin more than any other fruits.

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