10 Diets with High Proteins

diet with high proteins - wholikeit.com

diet with high proteins - wholikeit.com

If you are thinking to shed your extra pounds and lead a healthy life, a diet rich in protein is very essential. A perfect balanced diet contains ample amount of proteins, to supply you the much needed nutrition. A healthy diet can definitely help you get rid from various harmful infections and diseases. Protein food is always beneficial for proper growth and development of your body cells. Majority of the proteins comes from fish; meat and egg, but there are certain fruits, which are great sources of protein.

Now let us take a brief note of the important protein rich foods and try to include them in our daily diet.

1) Eggs: Eggs are the perfect protein food. The protein present in the eggs has high biological importance. They help to keep your body energized and built a stronger body. A single hard boiled egg serves approximately 6.29gram of protein. This protein forms the basic structure of your body cells and imparts proper body growth and development. The protein is helpful to generate essential amino acids in our body, and thus this amino acid performs various vital functions.

2) Chicken Breast: Chicken breast is extremely rich in protein. The proportion of protein present in chicken breast is very high and hence consumption of this food is quite ideal for your body growth. If you want to build and strengthen your body muscles you should include recipes of chicken breast in your regular diet.

3) Milk Products: Majority of dairy products and milk contain a high percentage of protein. A single glass of milk 200ml could serve approximately 6 grams of protein.Hence; most of the doctors recommend milk for small children, as this protein can help in their cell growth and repairing.

4) Fish: Fishes are great sources of protein. Fishes are rich in various nutrients and Omega 3 content, which is highly beneficial for our body. Regular consumption of fish can help our body growth and build our muscles strong. But there are certain sea fishes, which have high mercury content. These fishes are extremely harmful for pregnant women.

5) Guava: Guava is a great nutritious fruit with high percentage of protein. One cup serving of raw guava can contain approximately 4.21gram of protein.

6) Avocados: Avocados are highly nutritious fruits and are highly recommended for pregnant women. A single cup serving of raw avocados can serve approximately 3gram of protein.

7) Nuts: Nuts are the perfect combination of appropriate proportion of protein, fats and fibers. Among the different varieties of nuts, almonds and pistachios contain high percentage of protein. Nuts contain low amounts of saturated fat and hence can be included in small amount in our regular consumption. Nuts are also recommended for patient suffering from heart diseases.

8) Protein Shake: A protein shake is the major diet for most of the body builder and athlete. Due to the presence of high amount of protein, this shake helps to build their muscles stronger. Regular consumption of protein shake helps to refill your energy, increases blood flow and improves immune function of the body. You can gain excess energy throughout the process of workout or regular exercise.

9) Beef: Beef contains a high percentage of muscle building protein packed with essential amino acids, vitamins-B Complex and other nutrients. Beef also contains a mixture of saturated fat, which can support the healthy maintenance of testosterone levels, and are great for your heart health. It also reduces the symptoms of anxiety disorders.

10) Broccoli: Broccoli is a rich source of essential vitamins, dietary fibers, minerals and protein. A single broccoli can serve approximately 2.5gram of protein.

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