10 Best Cancer Fighting Foods

best cancer fighting foods - wholikeit.com

best cancer fighting foods - wholikeit.com

Cancer fighting foods help to protect the body from the harmful disease producing germs. The food helps to enhance our immunity power and get the essential nutrients to fight against the disease. These harmful germs when enters into the body, it tends to infect the body cells and turn them inactive. Hence proper nutritious diet rich in anti-oxidant content is very important to defend those germs. By including these beneficial food items, we can get more energy to fight against the cancer. When we think about cancer prevention, leafy green vegetables are the best food elements to stand against the germs. In fact, there are certain other pulses, fruits and nuts that act as a great cancer fighting agent. Now, let us pay a kind attention to some of such essential cancer fighting foods.

1) Onions and Garlic: These vegetables contain essential sulfurous element that tend to inhibit the action of cancer producing germs and thereby stops the formation of harmful nitrosamines in the body. These vegetables also contain a special plant chemical, popularly known as Saponins, that prevents the growth of cancerous cells in the infected area.

2) Carrots: Vegetables rich in Vitamin C content protect the body against colon cancer. These foods generally contain essential phenolic acid, which helps to prevent the growth of carcinogen cells. These leafy vegetables are extremely rich in carotenoids, which prevents the risk of lung, breast and colon cancer.

3) Whole Grain Cereals, Brown Rice and Brown Bread: These foods help to eliminate the risk of colon and rectum cancer in the human body. They also contain essential phytonutrients, which prevents the growth of cancerous cells.

4) Soybeans: Soybeans are high protein foods that are extremely rich in isoflavones. These foods help to prevent breast cancer, by inhibiting the action of excessive estrogen production. Excess production of estrogen generally leads to cause breast cancer in females.

5) Nuts: Nuts are great food items, to produce energy in the body cells. Especially walnuts and almonds contain huge quantities of unsaturated fats, which thereby tends to prevent the risk of cancer.

6) Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits, especially lemon, oranges and grapefruits are fully packed with Vitamin C.These nutrient helps to prevent the harmful disease of cancer, and keeps the body fresh and energetic. Often many medical consultants prescribe to drink lemon juice, to prevent the risk of cancer.

7) Apples: Apple is one of the most nutritious fruits that is helpful in eliminating the risk of cancer. The essential nutrients and the anti-oxidant present in apples helps to boost the immune system and keep the body fit and healthy.

8) Broccoli: Broccoli is one of the best nutritious vegetable that has high content of calcium and Vitamin C. Due to the presence of numerous essential vitamins and minerals, broccoli contain great amount of phytonutrient in them. The presence of sulfuropane also reduces the risk of cancer.

9) Tomatoes: Tomatoes are a great source of lycopene, which is one of the most powerful anticancer agents. Various researches have already proved that these lycopene is extremely powerful to fight against the cancer.

10) Green Tea: Green tea is a very healthy and refreshing drink. The health benefits of drinking green tea are huge and due to the presence of a high percentage of polyphenols, it helps to prevent the harmful effect of cancer.

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