9 Tips to Relieve Stress in 9 Months Pregnancy

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how to relieve stress in pregnancy

The last phase of pregnancy is the most vital months of your pregnancy period. Stress can be very harmful and can have adverse effects on your pregnancy. Hence, it is very important to keep the stress out of your life. Stress during pregnancy can cause you major health issues and may create complexities for both the child and the mother. You should always remain relaxed and stress-free to maintain a healthy mind and body and get prepared for childbirth. Here are some essential tips to be followed to remain stress-free during your 9 months pregnancy:–

1) Follow Meditation and Light Exercises: Meditation helps to keep your mind calm and relaxed and helps to rectify your breathing techniques .Healthy Mind has a positive effect on the physical body. Meditation helps to keep the negative emotions away and enhances the essence of positivity. You should always avoid any sort of heavy exercise that can produce an excessive pressure and negative impact on your lower abdomen. Slow walking, jogging and light yoga have can help a lot during this difficult phase of life. Exercise always helps to get relieved from tension, reduces your tension and helps to change your mood and keep you happy and stress free.

2) Take Sufficient Sleep and Rest: If you are feeling exhausted, try to go to bed early. Your body needs to get proper nourishment and sleep. It can be helpful for both you and your baby. A healthy daily routine can be only maintained through proper and sufficient sleep and rest.

3) Eat Healthy Diet: Eating a proper and healthy food is good for your mind as well as your body. A healthy diet generally includes plenty of essential fatty acids, vitamins, calcium and minerals, which can effectively lift your mood. Food that should be consumed during your pregnancy period includes oily fish, fruit, nuts, seeds, meat and poultry, grains and green vegetables.

4) Massages and Stress Release Therapy: Light touch massages will help to relieve your stress and muscle tension during pregnancy. Massages will help reduce the level of tension or strain in your body hormones. Hypnotherapy can be also tried during this period. This therapy is known to have a relaxing effect on the mind of the pregnant women. This effective therapy can help you to get released from the stress and excessive pressures.

5) Listen to Music: Music can play a vital role to reduce the stress and add a feel of relaxation .Light music can be very soothing and can have a calming effect on the mind of a pregnant woman.

6) Spend Time with Your Partner: Try to spend more time with your partner, sharing your feelings and happiness. You can also discuss your problems with your partner and remain stress free and in a happy mood. Discussing your worries can make you both feel better.

7) Avoid Alcohol: Always try to avoid alcohol when attempting to conceive or when you are already pregnant. Alcohol may cause damage to both you and your baby leading to serious health and pregnancy issues. It can make you feel under great stress and can be very dangerous.

8) Visit a Therapist: If you are under unusual stress you can visit a therapist, who can help to eradicate all your negative tension and stress. A professional advice and consultation during pregnancy will protect you from any negative or ill effects.

9) Follow Pregnancy Advice and Indulge in Positive Gossips: Try to get useful pregnancy tips, but always take each and every advice in a positive attitude. You don’t have to panic under any circumstances. There are also various useful parenting and pregnancy websites to suggest you essential tips, to be followed during your pregnancy period. Try to remain calm and positive and follow those tips.


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