9 Best Diet in 9 Months Pregnancy

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best diet in pregnancy

Getting the right nutrients in appropriate proportion is very crucial during your pregnancy as it enhances baby's development. The balanced diet must contain the correct amount of vitamin D, protein, calcium, folic acid and iron. A growing baby must have the proper amounts of all these essential nutrients. Babies need nutrient dense foods to ensure their proper healthy growth. Eating a good and balanced diet with fresh food is very important when you are pregnant. Eating nutrient dense foods that are filled with protein, calcium, iron and fiber will help you to have a stronger and healthier baby. Pregnant women have a major role in the process of reproduction and as such during those tough months it becomes necessary that she is being given the best diet.Some of the best diets included in the diet plan of a 9 months pregnant mother includes:–

1) Vegetables & Fruits: Pregnant women should eat at least 5 portions of fresh vegetables and fruits each day. The growing baby needs the proper amount of calcium and fiber. Fruits and green vegetables contain all the essential nutrients and fibres that help in the growth of the baby. But before taking fruits and vegetables you should wash them thoroughly and simply avoid sprouts that may contain harmful bacteria. Green and leafy vegetables are always rich in iron as well as calcium. Iron is a vital nutrient which helps in the formation of red blood cells in both the mother and fetus.

2) Meat & Fish: Fish and seafood are a great option for pregnant women.  Seafood such as sea fish is very healthy but you should avoid fishes such as Shellfish, Oysters and Swordfish that may contain high levels of methyl mercury and could harm the developing fetus. The meat should not be consumed raw, but must be cooked properly. During the ninth month of pregnancy you will be putting on weight, hence sufficient intake of protein is very necessary.

3) Bread & Cereals: Iron and folic acid are crucial nutrients for your pregnancy. Doctors generally prescribe these as supplements. You can also find folic acid in dark green vegetables and juice. Iron can be found in breads and cereals.

4) Milk & Milk Products: Milk and milk products are very good sources of calcium.   Curd, cheese and cottage cheese are rich sources of calcium, which is a very essential nutrient for a pregnant woman. But it is not possible for a pregnant mother to obtain all iron required from food alone, hence the doctor often prescribes iron supplements to be taken daily.

5) Water: Drinking enough amount of water prevents dehydration. Dehydration can lead to many complications during pregnancy such as headaches, cramps and dizziness. It also helps in keeping your body cool and maintaining your body temperature, especially in thehot and humid months. Water also helps prevent complicated urinary infections, which are common during the pregnancy period. If you drink enough amount of water, your urine will be diluted, reducing your risk of infection.

6) Nuts & Almonds: Always include protein in the diet of a ninth month’s pregnant woman. Nuts like almonds, walnuts; cashew nuts etc. are all very good sources of proteinand should be consumed in proper amount.

7) Foods with Vitamin A and Vitamin C: Eat foods that have a high content of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes ,lemon have  high content of  Vitamin C. Carrots, sweet potato are foods that have a high Vitamin A content. These food items must be definitely included in the diet plan of a pregnant woman.

8) Foods with Folic Acid: Folic acid is a very important nutrient for pregnant women as it helps to prevent birth complications.  Broccoli, beetroots, corn and citrus foods are some of the foods which contain high folic acid.

9) Foods with Fiber: Always include foods with high fiber content in your diet plan. Fruits,green vegetables, cereals, grains all contain high amount of fibers. Eating a high fiber diet can be beneficial during ninth month pregnancy.

Eating well and healthier food is a part of your daily routine which brings tremendous benefits to both the mother and child. So in order to ensure that you and your child stay healthy throughout the entire term of your pregnancy, you must provide your body with the proper nutrition and a well balanced diet.

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