8 Useful Tips During 9 Months Pregnancy

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tips for pregnant woman

Pregnancy is a very important and a special phase in all women’s life. Almost every woman loves to experience this special moment with lots of care and happiness. However, there are several pre pregnancy tips to be followed to maintain a healthy regime and remain safe during your pregnancy period. Some of the essential pre pregnancy tips are discussed below:-

1) Avoid Heavy Exercise: During the early phase of pregnancy regular exercises can definitely help to keep a check on your weight. Obesity can cause high blood pressure problems and can be very dangerous for any pregnant women. When you are 9 months pregnant avoid heavy work and exercises completely and keep them out of your routine. As heavy exercise, stress and heavy work can cause miscarriage in 9 months. It may also lead to vaginal bleeding and uterine contractions. Hence in this stage women must take complete rest, to avoid any kind of uterine complexities.

2) Taking Vitamins and Calcium: Any experienced Gynecologist would suggest taking prenatal vitamins, during your pregnancy phase. The vitamins help to maintain your pregnancy in a proper manner. Calcium is another important mineral that is to be consumed during the pregnancy days. The calcium helps to enhance the nutritional requirements and helps in proper growth of your baby.

3) Consuming Iron for Growth of your Baby: When you are pregnant, the intake of iron should be monitored and iron rich foods must be consumed regularly. Iron is extremely required for proper growth and development of the baby.

4) Wear Comfortable Maternity Clothing: Clothes with proper fittings must be worn during your pregnancy period. It is best to buy maternity clothes instead of buying regular ones. This could increase your comfort level very much.

5) Making a Complete Pregnancy Plan: You can also plan your pregnancy in a very efficient manner. The plan should include what you desire others to do during your delivery. You can discuss the complete plan with your partner. Discussing helps to relieve your tensions and remain calm.

6) Taking Proper Sleep: A proper routine of healthy diet and medicines to be followed during the pregnancy period. Some women generally suffer from insufficient sleep and to get a proper sleep, you should strictly maintain your diet and medicines.

7) Maintaining Proper Diet: A proper healthy and nutritious diet should be maintained during pregnancy period. It is always recommended to keep your diet devoid from ham, red meat, papaya, eggs, cheese, raw milk, alcohol, excessive tea or coffee. Sometimes these foods can cause a major risk for the fetus and the baby can be susceptible to food borne bacteria and parasites. Smoking and drinking are completely forbidden during pregnancy periods. Smoking can often cause severe damage such as sudden miscarriage, premature birth and also the death of infant. You must make sure that you have completely avoided smoking and drinking so that your new born baby is completely safe.

8) Positive Thinking: 9 months pregnant is the last phase of the pregnancy where women are excited about the baby’s arrival. During this period you should try to have a positive mind with good and positive thoughts, so that worry or frustration does not affect you and your baby’s health.

There would be plenty of time for learning what is needed and what tips to be followed during pregnancy. Small pieces of information should be ingested at a time and kept in mind. There are certain websites that offer these parenting tips for children and to make pregnancy smoother and easier. These tips can be useful to maintain and keep your body and mind fit during your last phase of your pregnancy.

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