Movie Review Simran 2017

simran movie review

simran movie review

The Queen is back with a bang! This time in Hansal Mehta’s ‘Simran’. Kangana Ranaut is known for her women-oriented films. Simran is a story of a young 30-year-old Indian Gujarati girl in Georgia, a divorcee, who is caught in the middle of miseries, but never gives up. She is a hotel housekeeper who, fed up of her life, resorts to robbing banks in order to pay off her debts and begin a peaceful life. The film has its inspiration from a real-life female bank robber, Sandeep Kaur, better known as “Bombshell Bandit”.

Hansal Mehta is known for his deep and serious films while his new project ‘Simran’ is a total opposite, a drama with slight humour. But wait, there’s a twist. Kangana is not Simran. In fact there’s no Simran in the entire film. Then why ‘Simran’? Read on to know more exciting details about the film.

Cast, Crew and other Details
Lead: Kangana Ranaut
Director: Hansal Mehta
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 15 September 2017
Movie Duration: 2 hours 4 minutes
Other Cast: Soham Shah, Esha Tiwari, Aneesha Joshi

Story-line of Simran
Kangana as the protagonist plays Praful Patel, who is caught in her own turmoil. She lives with her Gujarati parents in Georgia, USA and works as a housekeeper. Since she is a divorcee, she falls prey to uninvited troubles. Her father is an un-supporting figure, the only ray of hope and love being her mother. She hardly has friends and is not happy with her career.
Spices flavor the movie when she flies to LA and by sheer luck wins a lot of money in a casino. But troubles have her again. She plays on and loses all her money. Later she decides to rob a bank. The story revolves around her bank robberies with a lot of drama and silly humor.

The mystery behind the name ‘Simran’ is the iconic ‘Ja Simran ja, jee le apni zindai’ scene from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, which Kangana watches and dreams of setting herself free like ‘Simran’.

Songs in the Film
Apart from Kangana’s stellar performance, ‘Simran’ has a line of melodies to serve you in your platter.
– Lagdi hai Thaai
– Pinjra tod ke
– Meet
– Single rehne de
– Simran

Critics Ratings
Here’s how the major critics have rated the movie till now.
The Times of India- 3.5/5
Hindustan times- 1.5/5
Indian Express- 3/5
India Today- 2.5/5

Our Review
Hansal Mehta has rightly chosen Kangana Ranaut for the film. Kangana as Praful displays all emotions that a woman goes through despite being brave all through her life. She fights as a knight through her struggles, cries her heart out in gloomy days and laughs out loud as a child. She as a perfect combination of joys and sorrows makes one laugh and cry and gasp at her audacities while robbing banks.

She breaks stereotypes. Robbing banks, a man-oriented job, is what she is seen doing in the entire film, still keeping the generosity alive in her as she offers water to a person who suffers an asthma attack due to panic. Scenes like one where she hands over a bank teller a note scrawled in lipstick or one where she blows a kiss to the cashier are rather comical and a fun part of the movie.

Kangana does a remarkable job in ‘Simran’, bringing a dull character in the film to life. It is she who runs the entire script, other characters just being a part thereof. Nevertheless, the supporting cast delivers fine performances of their parts, be it the harsh father, the loving mother or the heartless moneylender.
Despite the flaws including some overboard and silly moments or a little boring time in between, cheers to the makers for bringing forward a film that celebrates the independence of a woman.

We give it a 3/5 star rating!

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‘Simran’ is clashing with ‘Patel ki Punjabi Shadi’ and ‘Lucknow Central’ on 15th September 2017.
Do watch a good performance!

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