Movie Review Poster Boys 2017

movie review poster boys

movie review poster boys

Deol Brothers are back at the silver screen, this time with a comical drama named ‘Poster Boys’. To add to the madness, we also have Shreyas Talpade. The trio with their exceptional comedy skills has hit screens on September 8, 2017 worldwide.

Poster Boys is a Hindi remake of Shreyas Talpade’s Marathi production ‘Poshter Boyz’. The Marathi counterpart released in 2014. Shreyas has a double role to play in the movie, as an actor as well as the director. His directorial debut ‘Poster Boys’ is based on a real life incident of three men who astonishingly discover themselves as the faces promoting ‘nasbandi’ (sterilization) in a poster. They’re astounded by the false poster and claim to their families that they have not undergone vasectomy- a procedure for male sterilization, and find themselves in turmoil.

Cast, Crew and Other Details
Leads: Bobby Deol, Sunny Deol, Shreyas Talpade, Sonali Kulkarni
Director: Shreyas Talpade
Genre: Comical Drama
Release Date: 8 September 2017
Movie Duration: 2 hours 11 minutes

‘Poster Boys’ revolve around three characters, Jagavar Chaudhary (Sunny Deol) who is a retired army officer, Vinay (Bobby) who is a forgetful school teacher and Arjun Singh (Shreyas Talpade), a local goon in the city. Life was fine until they find themselves featured in a poster that promotes ‘nasbandi’ (vasectomy). This falls upon their personal lives like a thunderbolt. Jagavar’s sister’s engagement and Arjun’s own engagement is canceled while Vinay’s wife calls for a divorce. Comedy kicks in when the trio take up in their own hands to prove their innocence. They reach for the photographer who made them the ‘poster boys’ and fight against the government, their struggle is real but effect-less. They promise each other not to give up, win for themselves and hence meet a happy ending.

Songs in the Film
How can one expect a Deol brothers’ movie without any peppy Punjabi numbers? Poster Boys surely does not lack any. The movie has four spicy songs to add to the entertainment.
• Kudiyan Sheher Diyan
• Kehndi Menoo
• Noor-E-Khuda
• The Posterboys Anthem

Critics Ratings
Here’s how the major critics have rated the movie till now.
The Times of India- 3.5/5
Hindustan times- 2.5/5
Indian Express- 0.5/5
Deccan Chronicle- 1/5

Our Review
Though meant to be a comedy, the film meets comedy standards only up to an average. The script is not quite extraordinary or challenging. While the first half is quick, the second is more confusing than comical. It is being termed as “Low-IQ Lame Comedy”. The movie has received mixed reviews from leading critics, some crediting it with a 3.5 star rating while others barely offering a 0.5 star for the sake of rating.
However, the movie has a bundle of one-liners that will keep a smile on one’s face. Plus, The Deol Duo is amazing as always. Shreyas Talpade kicks in with some seriously funny moments there. Bobby’s charm lights up the film. Your personal favourite will however be Sunny Deol after you spot him in a selfie-craze avatar in the film. Sunny’s catch for the language is applaud-able. Sunny’s trademark dialogues from all his hit movies are an added treat, ‘Tareek pe tareek’ and ‘Jab yeh dhai kilo ka haath kisi pe padta hai na … toh aadmi uthta nahi … utth jata hai’ among others.

We give it a 2.5/5 star rating!

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‘Poster boys’ is Shreyas Talpade’s debut film as a director. The comedy factor is sure to attract some good audience. ‘Poster Boys’ is clashing with Arjun Rampal starrer ‘Daddy’ and Saif ali Khan starrer ‘Kaalakaandi’ on 8th September 2017.
Have a good watch!

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  1. A really cool movie with some really good performances by all the actors. Very well written script and great acting by super Sunny and Bobby, Shreyas is equally good. A real crazy ride for 2 hrs. I read Critics review also in Hindi at Bollywood Hungama news site which covers all kinds of Bollywood updates

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