Movie Review MOM (2017)

mom 2017 movie review

mom 2017 movie review

The movie can be rated:  3.5/5

“Mom” cries Arya.

And Devki triggers the gun.

There’s a vendetta.

Sridevi who is playing the role of Devki is a Biology teacher in the same school where Arya i.e. Sajal Ali studies. She is disturbed by a classmate named Mohit and she doesn’t seem to like him at all. Devki is Arya’s step-mom and in that way she keeps distance from her. She doesn’t like her to call her, her mom and calls her Ma’am even when in home. She is cold in her behaviour towards Devki.

While at the dinner table she asks her dad permission to go on a party a Saturday night which eventually seems to be Valentine’s Day. She didn’t get permission at first but because they saw she was hurt, they allowed her.

Dressed beautifully, she enters the party hall and is partying when Mohit again seems to disturb her by asking her to dance with him. Uninterested that she was, she pushes him off. This gesture made him feel insulted and he tells the same to his brother Charles Deewan. Charles then goes ahead with two drinks in his hand, trying to make friendship with Arya. But her friend pops in and she drinks what was offered to Arya and hands him the empty glass. He feels digusted and decides to teach her a lesson.

Its around 12:30am and Devki calls Arya to know when is she returning. She comes out of the hall to talk and just as she disconnects and is about to call a cab, her phone is smashed down by Charles and Mohit gets driving the car. A security guard and a drug dealer who happens to be in close connect with Charles gets in.

Driving in the deserted roads of Delhi at the night, the black car seems like a shark in the area. They 4 raped her and threw her in gutter.

When she didn’t reach home, Devki goes to the party place to check. Unable to find her there she lodges a complaint against the police. But she was discovered by a man who went for a walk and he admitted her to a nearby hospital.

After several days in court when they lost their case, Devki takes the help of a private detective named DK who thereafter helps her in taking revenge against the 4 of the accused.

The movie is a suspense thriller and it went well in many places. The act and the story went good.

Each actor acted marvellously. The storyline and direction was good indeed.

She even gave a good reply to the accused who kept on telling Arya “Bulaa apni maa ko” while raping her in that car. She took revenge in the best possible way. And then triggered the gun to the last one who was yet not punished.

A very strong dialogue that took between both the actors Devki and DK that relay shows the entire scenario of the movie is :

“Bhagwan har jagah nahi hota hai”, says Devki

“Isii liye toh usne Maa banayi hain”, replies DK.

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