Movie Review Mary Kom

movie review mary kom -

movie review mary kom -

Director: Omung Kumar

Music Director: Shashi Suman,Shivam.

Producer: Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Story Writer and Screenplay: Saiwyn Qudras

Banner: Viacomm 18Motion Pictures, SLB Films

Genre: Drama

Leading Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Darshan Kumar, Sunil Thapa, Robin das

Release Date: 5th September, 2014

Rating: 3.5/5

Movie Review:

The biopic has been directed by the popular television anchor and director Omung Kumar. Omung Kumar realized that the people of India should be aware of the life history of the great athlete Mary Kom. Many people were not at all aware about the life history of the great boxing athlete, Mary Kom. The movie shows the simple life of an athlete, Mary Kom. She is a very brave girl, who is extremely passionate about her boxing skills. The movie shows the incidents that took place in the real life of the athlete. How she grows an interest in self defence skills? How she maintains a perfect balance between her professional and personal life? How she achieves the sky of success, through her great determination?

Though the director had made terrible efforts to drag the story, but certain scenes of the movie were completely useless and seem to be overpowering the situation. Some unnecessary melodrama was inserted, which was not at all required. The only person who seems to be doing total justice to the movie was Piggy Chops. She played the character extremely well and her perfect depreciation of the character was the extraordinary effort. Her performance is worth watching and the audiences would definitely love her acting skills. The script was also falling apart and was not properly written. The actual base of the movie was the sport boxing, but a very less importance was given to the game. The movie emphasized more on their characters and their personal conflicts. So, this was again a major drawback of the movie. Certain random incidents are just put together, to form a story. But the story seems to be unorganized and it is hard for the audience to understand the actual message conveyed through the story. Certain characters are a bit unconvincing and were not at all required in the scenes.

Through this movie and perfect depiction of characters, the audience could know about the hardships of the brave athlete. The leading actress of the movie Priyanka Chopra did complete justice to the character of Mary Kom. She played the character very well and the action sequences were perfectly done. The only drawbacks of the movie were the unorganized story line, poor direction and the songs. The songs could not play a larger impact on the audience’s mind. Moreover, some of the movie sequences seemed to be monotonous and repetitive. The movie made an average hit at the box office.Yes; we can acclaim the movie to be a motivational essence for all the struggling sportswomen in India.

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