Movie Review Fukrey Retruns (2017)

fukrey returns movie review

fukrey returns movie review

Fukrey movie was released 4 years before and it was a blockbuster movie which gained a lot of profit and became superhit movie of that time. So, after 4 years , second part of this movie “Fukrey Returns” has been released. Actors and all the relevant authorities worked a lot on this movie but this movie didn’t gain as much as Fukrey .

Cast: pulkit samrat , Ali fazal , Varun Sharma , Manjot Singh, Vishakha Singh and Pankaj Tripathi.
Director: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba
Producers: Farhan Akhtar and Titesh Sidhwani.
Star rating: 2.5/5

Director Mrighdeep Singh tried a lot to make this movie a superhit movie but the actors of the movie didn’t perform well as their actions looked misplaced from the reality touch. Only one actor Pankaj Tripathi played a great role with good acting but story is not actually based on him . So his good acting didn’t help in the succession of movie. Audience expected that same chu-cha and comedy just as in fukrey but this movie is much more “heroic” than the audience’s expectations. The other main reason for the failure of this movie is that in the gap period of 4 years between two movies fukrey and fukrey returns , actors pulkit samrat and his friends list their innocence of youngsters.

Actually , fukrey returns is a movie of 141 minutes , which is totally uncomedy, and not interesting. Cast tried a lot to give hilarious performance but it couldn’t help them. Story seems to be repeated so that it couldn’t gain as much expectations. You have not to watch first part of the movie to understand it’s story as director has cleared all the story in the starting of the movie which clears all the doubts.

Bholi, a punjaban came our of the prison to take revenge from the actors who cheated her in the movie. All the 3 lead role actors wanted to make money by easy source so they cheated bholi and Bholi had to suffer for it. So she decided to take revenge from them. The whole movie is based on comedy but it actually failed to create as much comedy environment as required . Among all the actors , Pankaj Tripathi tried a lot to attract audience by his obsession or problems with English language. Pandit ji (Pankaj Tripathi) has become the favourite actor of this movie but story was not only based on his character so even his good acting could not help in the movie succession . The story turns out very disappointing for the audience as according to them, director has refurbished the original movie with small changes and released a new movie . There is nothing special in the movie to gain audience’s interest. But this was a review from the audience. You must go for this movie for better knowledge .

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The original movie was actually not the best comedy picture of that time but it was fresh and story was totally new which made the audience laugh and help in making movie successful but it’s second part is not so fresh , no new story or actors of the movie became mature. All these factors together became the reason for the failure of this movie that audience lose its interest in this movie as they were already familiar with the story of the movie so nothing new content could attract them

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