Movie Review Firangi

firangi movie review

firangi movie review

everyone is familiar with the Kapil Sharma – The king of Comedy. He is one of the best comedians of our country today. Being a comedian is his profession, but in his real life , he also faced many problems and have to pass through many struggles. After getting a break from Bollywood , he entered in this world with his first movie ” Kis kis ko pyar Kru” but it was not a blockbuster movie as because of some problems. Now , kapil is back with his second movie “Firangi”.

Cast: Kapil sharma , Ishita Dutta, Monica Gill.
Director: Rajiv Dhingra
Genre: comedy
Rating: 2/5 stars

Manga (Kapil Sharma ) is the main character of the movie and whole movie revolves around his character. he is the grubstaker in a story that plays out a great role during the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and in the time period of the non-cooperation movement. Manga is of gold heart man who feels sympathy and bad for the poor and victims of the British council.
As Manga is working under the partners Raja Indraveer Singh (Kumud Mishra) and English officer Mark Daniels ( Edward Sonnenblick ) , who wants to grab the hamlet and want to start a foreign liquor factory here. But Manga fall in love with the village girl, Sargi ( Ishita Dutta) . As Manga is not so brave who can fight against the British but how a decent and courage less worker try to escape his love from the corrupted kingdom , is beautifully shown in the movie. Kapil Sharma has played his role very affectionately that how he tried painfully to save his love even in the absence of courage . Overall , kapil sharma has done a great role in this movie with all his efforts . He played the role of 1930s even in 2017 . It’s not a story about bravery of Manga , how he figured for his country . In fact, it’s a movie of the painful love and efforts by Manga to save his love.

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As Rajiv Dhingra is a Punjabi film director. He has directed many Punjabi movies but it’s his first attempt in hindi movies and kapil’s second attempt in Bollywood. The duration of this movie is 120 minutes. It is a long duration movie that public is not taking interest in this movie. As Firangi is a motivational movie from the lgaan movie but lgaan was superhit but kapil failed in his second attempt too.

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