Movie Review Action Jackson

movie review action jackson 2014

movie review action jackson 2014

Director:  Prabhu Dheva

Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya

Release Date: 5th December, 2014

Story writers: Shiraz Ahmed, Prabhu Dheva

Star Cast: Ajay Devgan, Sonakshi Sinha, Yami Gautam, Kunal Roy Kapoor.

Rating: 2/5

Movie Review:

Prabhu Dheva the dancing icon of Bollywood industry has launched the Ajay Devgan starrer Action Jackson in the first week of December. The earlier movies directed by this great dancing star were Rowdy Rathore and R… Rajkumar and both the story was adapted from south Indian movies. But this time the director came up with an original script. But yet the movie was not at all interesting or up to the mark. With poor direction and cinematography one could just get a star rating of two out of five.

The leading pairs of the movie were Ajay Devgan and Sonakshi Sinha. Sonakshi Sinha has been one of the favourite actresses of director Prabhu Dheva. But her stupid facial expressions and monotonous role looked disgusting in the movie. There was nothing new to watch in her role.

Ajay Devgan who seemed quite disinterested in his role had played a double role in the movie. One of the characters is of a Mumbai flame boy, named Vishy and who can stand against hundreds of enemies and fight alone to win the battle and beat dozens of enemies’ single handedly. And the name of the second character is AJ, who is a hit man from Bangkok. AJ is also extremely courageous and make slice and dice of an army of rivals, with his single punch. But the action sequence looked like a comic sequence. Prabhu Dheva had tried to bring out humor after swapping both the characters of Ajay Devgan. But the humorous scenes looked a bit repetitive and boring. Audience easily lost their interest in watching those hilarious action sequences.

The character played by Sonakshi Sinha is of an educated woman and she is into the busy corporate field. But after her first meeting with Vishy, she falls in blind love with him.She becomes desperate and tries to find her love, Vishy. But then two characters are swapped and Sonakshi ends up meeting AJ. On the other hand, Yami Gautam is the fiancée of the second character, AJ. In this way the story takes unnecessary twists and turns. The character of Yami Gautam is not at all justified and looks waste of time. The actor Kunal Roy Kapoor has very small role to play and looks very unconvincing in his character.

This film looks really boring and unnecessary orgy of bloody fight scenes are inserted in the movie. The songs of the movie are not at all melodious. Except the one song,’Tumse milne ka’, all the other songs are waste of money.

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