Gully Boy 2019 Movie Review, Story and Trailer

gully boy 2019 movie review
gully boy 2019 movie review

Story: “Agar Dunia mein sab comfortable Hota Toh rap Kaun karta?”

“Gully Boy” the film directed by Zoya Akhtar is a fiction story roaming around a 22-year-old boy “Murad.” His parents worked hard so that he could get a good education and a white-collar job. And the drama starts when Murab realizes his passion for rap and start striving hard to make his dream comes true. This movie showcased the journey of street rapper wherein the challenges he faced to chase his dreams. Also his near and dear ones supported him to become an extraordinary rapper.

Reviews: The movie depicts the journey of a boy from chawl of Dharavi whose dream was to be a rapper and to attain that he refuses th trauma of poverty to mangle his inner self. “Gully Boy” directed by director Zoya Akhtar is the ultimate deem at the rap segment in India. His drive from stereotypical slumdog to become an outspoken rapper is thrilling and intoxicating to watch. Rap is one of the different genres of, music in India, and those who are not associated with this form of music will also praise the victim and deep story.

The story embarks upon small chawl of Dharavi, where lives Murad with his bog dreams. And the part played by his feisty Sarfeena is also outspoken and independent. The person who steals the show in the movie is Siddhant Chaturvedi, who plays the role of Murad’s mentor and friend. The life of Murad (Ranveer Singh) took a dramatic turn after he saw MC Sher make few college boys ashamed by his raps. He joined Shrikant aka MC Sher, and they lead off their talent with the passion and full spirit. It’s a most extraordinary stooge chronicle, with the fact of how poverty-stricken people have little chances to get success and do not have the right to big dream. Also, the father of Murad is orthodox as he brings the essential conflicted relationship of father and son. Some parts of the film make “Gully Boy” the psychological comprehension. The empyrean dialogues add deepness to the portraits of the character written by Vijay Maurya. Zoya and Reema Kagti gets high scores in story and screenplay.

The main character of the film is Ranveer Kapoor, and he did justice to his role, conveying that he is meant to play this role and how he raps made the movie a killer set. “Tere Andar Toofan Hai” line of the film said by MC Sher to Murad is dead on.  Equally the performance played by Alia is impactful. The love story between Ranveer and Alia is also cute and fiery. Actors Siidhant Chaturvedi, Kalki Koechlin, and Vijay Raaz all performed very well.

The music is bang on of the movie. This movie is inspired by Naezy and Divine who are rappers, and Indian artists who have attained song for this movie. The visual skills of dealing with the people of the film are equal to the face of Hollywood. The battles of rap shown in the film are a rooted and extraordinary piece of writing. There is only one problem with the film which is its length, which the director stretched for two and half hour, but the innovative and cool dialogues worthing claps from the audience and emotional gracefulness can keep you engaged, and you won’t feel bored a single minute. This is a film which demands a curtain call. And in the end in rapper style, let’s say “Yeh gully Boy, Hard hai Bhai!”

Star Rating: 4/5 Stars


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