What Do Modern Girls Want In Men?

what do modern girls want in men

what do modern girls want in men

Time has changed and now girls don’t just get married to whoever they are asked to. Modern girls have their own set of preferences when they are searching for a man to share their life with. They won’t just settle with anyone.
That “tall, dark and handsome” days search has gone. Now-a-days, broad-minded, understanding and a good cook is what is been looked for. To have a long-term relation with a man, a girl searches for the following qualities:

1.Honesty in All Circumstances: If a man is honest, in all circumstances, a woman finds it very attractive. She would fall head over heels for such man. She expects that the man should be truthful in his ways and that he should not make false promises.
Honesty is attractive. No girl would like false praises, but she would like it if he is able to point out her flaws and mistakes in a gentle way. An honest man is mostly respected.

2. Good Sense of Humour: With everything going on in the world, so stiff and serious, a man with a good sense of humour is a blessing. A girl finds a man with a good sense of humour very attractive because he is blessed with the innate ability to break any mundane situation to magical.

3. Patience: When two people come in contact there will be many things which won’t be of similar nature in them. And this leads to confrontations in the beginning. But a man who is patient and understands that these are part and parcel of life is a boon to a lady. A patient man is a blessing in today’s life. He who understands and accepts situations as situations are the best.

4. Passion and Zeal in Life: A man should have passion for life and passion for his interests. A passionate man is driven by his willingness to do things and has zeal for life. To keep a relationship going on smooth, it is inevitable to have passion going on in life. A relationship that loses passion, loses its spark.

5. Providing her Space: We all have our own set of friends and like to spend time with them. A modern woman would always appreciate that her man understands this and doesn’t take it in a negative way. He is free to spend time with his friends and should let her enjoy her times with her comrades too.

6. Well-Groomed: This is a feature that never goes out of fashion and out of demand. Just like guys would like to see their woman well-dressed, a woman expects a man to be well-groomed. They simply believe that if a man is properly able to take care of himself, he will be able to take care of her too.

And above all these, a man who is able to love and take care of a woman unconditionally is a blessing to her. This is a quality that stands against all other.

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