7 Tips to a Good Relationship with your Partner

tips for good relationship

tips for good relationship

Thomas Merton has rightly said, “The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them”. Every relation is unique in itself. But every relationship demands love, care, affection and attention. If everything goes smooth, the relationship and bond nurtures with time.

It is very important to keep your relationship with your partner healthy and happy because most of your happiness indirectly depends on this.

Take for instance, you want to meet an old college friend of yours and you have informed the same to your partner who isn’t happy with the idea. Do you think you will be happy even if you go to meet that friend of yours? Of course not. Because you know that on your back home, you have a partner who is waiting for you like a broken reed.

So, let me give you 7 tips to a good relationship with your partner. Hope it helps you.

1. Communicate Everything that’s Important: Communication is what keeps any relationship going smooth. It is imperative that you keep communicating to your partner. Always remember that subconsciously your body language also works when you are communicating. At times communication may require words and at times it may not. Whatever be the case, your communication would be complete only when it is understood in the same way as you expected your partner to understand.

2. No Lies and Keeping Secrets: Since two of you are in a relationship, you need to trust each other with everything. Trust is a strong foundation to any relationship. You mustn’t lie or keep secrets from each other because the day the truth is revealed in some unwanted way, they might fly off the handle and in that way be ready to kiss the rod. If it has happened that you have lied, or kept a secret, make your partner comfortable and confess the same. Also let them know that at first you were unable to decide what to do and so kept the fact away from them. I am sure, they would understand.

3. Be Grateful and Apologize when you Make Mistakes: Gratitude opens up abundance. Be grateful for every small activity that your partner does for you. This way you will see your relationship flourish. When someone is appreciated, that person would always like to do more for you. Likewise, if you know you have made a mistake be quick to apologize. The bitterness won’t last long.

4. Give each other Some Space: You might have different groups of friends and your partner might have different groups of friends. You see that you aren’t able to get along with some of them. That’s okay. We are all different. But that doesn’t mean you will stop your partner from meeting his/her friends. Let them share their own space with their friends. Moreover, it might be so that your partner has certain interests of which he/she is passionate about and it fills them up with life. Let them do that and support their passion.

5. Respect Each Others’ Views: There might be differences of opinions at times, but that shouldn’t make you go for name calling. Try to communicate and understand the other person’s view and respect their opinion.

6. Be a Listener: As much as communicating is important in a relationship, listening is too. You are most often, the first person that your partner wants to communicate. So listen intently whenever you r partner says something to you. This is a key to a healthy relationship.

7. Above all, be a Friend: You partner should feel as comfortable with you as when he/she is with a friend. If you can be friends with your partner, you will be with them through thick and thin.

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