7 Things Done by an Insecure Wife

7 things done by an insecure wife - wholikeit.com

7 things done by an insecure wife - wholikeit.com

Some of the things done by an insecure wife are as follows:–

1) Avoid Interaction with People: An insecure wife is totally obsesses with her husband. She can think all negative thoughts about him. We live in a society, which is full of other peoples too. But an insecure wife puts her complete focus on the husband and avoids interacting with the other people around her. The interaction is required, as it keeps the mind busy and away from any negative emotions or thoughts. You do not lead to listen to other person’s opinion, but you can at least take part in a healthy conversation. But an insecure person does not pay attention to other people’s thought. This makes their life extremely pathetic and miserable. They do not have a friend, to share the emotions with.

2) Being Judgmental: The quality of insecurity often turns the person to be judgmental in thoughts and thinking. Though her husband may be busy at the job, but she may become judgmental and pass an offensive comment, which may bring a distance in their relationship. Being judgmental can extremely harm the trust factor of the couples. They may lose their trust on each other and this can even lead to separation or divorce.

3) Lack of Confidence: An insecure women suspect on her husband, on basis of her negative thoughts. She does everything out of her disbelief and ill thoughts. A lack of confidence is thus seen in her behaviors. She is not completely sure of her suspicious thoughts and does everything out of insecurity. Those who are insecure, they have less confidence to try new things in life or explore the new dimensions. They restrict them in all activities and thereby suffer from lack of self-confidence.

4) Competes with Other Women Around Her: The feel of insecurity is generally driven due to existence of other women in her life. She thus tries to compete with them and win every completion with those women. She tries to look prettier, more popular, more stylish and more successful than the other women. She compares each and every aspect with the women around her and desires to bring all the changes.

5) Feels Guilty of her Deeds and Thoughts: The insecure wife does terrible mistakes in life.  She then decides to punish her and remain guilty for life long. She thinks her to be the most unlucky person in the world and curses herself for every mistakes or sin.

6) Feels Easily Defeated: An insecure wife tries to comprise with every situation in her life. She loses all her hopes and feels defeated in her life.

7) Possesses a Negative Mindset: An insecure wife or women life in a world of blind thoughts and beliefs. She has a strong feeling of negativity and insecurity in her life. She fears of losing her family or loved ones. She quickly gets hurt and reacts quickly on anybody’s ill behavior. She lives in a constant start of disapproval and thinks her life to be a curse.

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