7 Reasons for a Divorce

basic reason for divorce - wholikeit.com

basic reason for divorce - wholikeit.com

1) Financial Issues: Majority of divorces is caused out of financial crisis in the family. If they do not possess sufficient amount of money to cover their EMI’s, house rents or other expenses, there arises family disputes. The earning member of the family is not able to suffice all the basic necessities. As a result, the chance of relationship problem arises. The partners cannot trust each other and finally the end result seems to be nothing but a divorce or marriage split.

2) Bad Behavior With Your Partner: Ill-treatment doesn’t mean to be physical tortured always but mental harassment too. One of the partners treats the other with very ill behavior and hurts his/her sentiments. Small quarrels often occur in every family and then they are again resolved. But if the behavior does not change and become worse day by day, the quarrels become a regular day activity. The relation lacks in proper understanding and encompasses emotional and mental harassment. If the harassment turns harsh and unbearable, the partner decides to file a police complain and file a divorce in the court. Abused partners can even seek protecting orders (according to divorce Act) from a court during the process of divorce.

3) Addicted to Drugs: Some of the behaviors are so annoying, that it can lead to the breakage in a relationship. One of such behavior includes addiction to drugs or chain smoking. One of the partners becomes highly addicted to drugs and then it becomes his regular habit. The habit of addiction creates huge issues in married couples. After getting addicted to drugs, it hugely affects the human behavior. The addicted partner starts abusing or behaving badly with the partner. As a result, huge conflict arises and it leads to divorce.

4) Communication Gap: Lack of communication often leads to divorces. When the couples fail to communicate properly with each other, a bridge is created between their relationships. They fail to understand each other’s sentiments and often hurt each other through their negative behavior. Married couples need to speak out their emotions and share each and every feeling of their lives. A communication gap may result to cause unnecessary quarrels, misunderstandings and not trusting each other. In many cases, a relationship counselor can assist the couples to solve the issues of communication gap.

5) Cheating Your Partner: In a married relationship, if any of the partners tries to cheats his/her partner and goes for an extra marital relationship, it can lead to a divorce.

6) Couple Has Conflicting Beliefs: Many of the couples; seem to have difference of opinions. The key to successful marriage is good understanding and proper adjustment with each other. If the couple fails to understand each other and do not support in time of crisis, it can lead to divorce.

7) Couple’s Marital Satisfaction Decreases: If the marital satisfaction level of the couple decreases day by day, it can definitely lead to a divorce.

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  1. I want to commend you on your great rcreusoe for parents and kids going through divorce. Divorce is a very difficult process to go through for everyone involved. As your website points out, helping children through a divorce is the most important aspect. Your kids will need help to get through this stage and onto the rest of their lives. Thanks for your great rcreusoe.

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