Why Trans Fats Harmful to the Body?

Why Trans fats harmful to the body - wholikeit.com

Why Trans fats harmful to the body - wholikeit.com

Hydrogenated fats that are partially absorbed by the body cells are known as Trans fats. These Trans fats are extremely harmful to the body and are mostly present in fast or junk foods. Most of the fast food restaurant use oil to prepare their delicious and spicy dishes. These dishes are in great demands in American and European countries. It is quite impossible for the people to avoid such mouth watering dishes. Trans fats are thereby consumed by huge population all around the globe. The trans fats are basically created in large industries and the process employed is known as hydrogenation. Hydrogen gas is made to pass through poly-unsaturated oils, in the presence of metal catalysts. The complete process of hydrogenation is carried at a high thermal temperature, which initiates the breakage of the chemical bonding in the poly-unsaturated oil molecules. The molecules are thus broken and it produces harmful trans fat molecules. The healthy omega 3 molecules are efficiently replaced by the harmful trans-fat oil molecules.

Trans Fat is highly responsible for the cause of Diabetes in human body. The Type 2 Diabetes causes huge damage of the cell membranes. The glucose level of the blood falls rapidly and inhibits the blood cells to carry nutrients from one body part to the other. Due to the presence of trans fats, the content of Omega 3 fatty acids is reduced, which harshly affects the metabolic activity of the body. Due to the abnormality of the metabolism, chances of Diabetes are enhanced. The Americans are more inclined towards trans fats and their diet lacks in essential Omega 3-fatty acids. For this reason, most of the Americans suffer from Type 2 Diabetes.

A Trans fat initiates the cholesterol level in the blood stream, which raises several abnormalities in the body. It raises the level of LDL (Low density Lipoproteins) in the human blood, which is responsible for major health complexities. An increase or hike in the level of LDL can affect the process of blood circulation, metabolism and pumping of cardio vascular system. It can block the arterial blood vessels and can cause major heart attacks or strokes. Various complex heart diseases are related to the rise of LDL in the human blood.

High density Lipoproteins of HDL are great for our health. The presence of HDL in the blood stream enhances various body functioning. Presence of trans fats reduces the proportion of HDL in the human blood. Using premium quality cooking oils including extra virgin olive oil will enhance the percentage of monounsaturated fats in the body, which induces positive effect on the overall blood cholesterol levels. Hence, avoiding trans fat foods and replacing it premium quality foods is just another tactic to control the cholesterol level of the body.

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