7 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

tips to keep your home clean - wholikeit.com

tips to keep your home clean - wholikeit.com

To lead a peaceful and a happy life, it is greatly required to stay in a neat and clean environment. Keeping your home clean can be one of the major steps, to change the environment around you and increase the feel of positivity. Here are some easy tips, to keep your home neat and clean.

1) Move Your Furniture and Clean the Dust Properly: Try to rotate your furniture’s once in a month and clean the accumulated dust of that particular area. It will help to keep all the corners and occupied space of the house clean. Moreover, dust the furniture with a clean cloth, as the furniture forms the integral part of your household. But due to daily use, this furniture may get dirty. Hence, cleaning the furniture leaves a clean and hygienic impression on your complete home.

2) Use Vacuum Cleaner to Clean your Carpets Regularly: Cleaning the carpet, doormats and rugs are not very easy tasks. But you can definitely use electronic gadget called vacuum cleaner to reduce your efforts and clean the carpets neatly. After rigorous use of the carpets and rugs, there color seem to change and dust gets accumulated on the surface of the carpets. This dust can be very harmful and can even cause dust allergy. To prevent any health issues, it is advisable to clean the carpets using vacuum cleaner. You can also acquire the help of professional cleaning services to clean your carpets and household rugs.

3) Be Organized: Try to be organized and keep your things in proper place. Teach your children to follow the home etiquette and learn to be organized and clean. Do not throw things anywhere, but keep them at their definite place. The unwashed clothes can be kept in a laundry basket. The dirty and used utensils can be kept in a tub. In this way you can maintain proper cleanliness of the house.

4) Buy Best Quality Cleaning Products: Use best quality cleaning products like floor scrubber, bathroom cleaner, floor disinfectant, window glass cleaner etc. These products will help to keep the floors, kitchen surfaces, window glasses and bathroom tiles clean.

5) Clean the Rooms Properly: You need to clean each and every corner of the room, including doors, window frames, furniture etc. You can even use microfiber to clean the floors and surfaces. After gathering the dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner to collect the dust particles from the floor and dispose them properly.

6) Clean your Computers and Electronic Gadgets: The electronic gadgets especially computers and laptops, need to be cleaned at regular interval of time. Dust particle accumulates on the keyboard and enters into its internal parts. It can harm the working of your keyboard and it may get damaged. To avoid such issue, clean the keyboard with a cotton cloth dipped in alcohol or uses an electric keyboard cleaner.

7) Use Air Freshener: Besides maintaining the cleanliness of the house, you all need to add a fresh and elegant fragrance, to enhance the freshness of the house. You can use room sprays (available in different fragrant), to add the essence of freshness and purity. A good fragrance will change the mood of the people and they may feel fresh.

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