7 Tips on Photography

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tips on photography - wholikeit.com

Some of Important Tips on Photography are:

1) Lighting: Lighting is one of the most essential aspects of your photography skill. Your photograph’s brightness or dullness depends completely upon the correct usage of light or so called camera flash. Good lighting can even turn a dull photo more bright and excellent. For proper focusing of light, you need to have proper knowledge of the direction, color and amount of light required. The light should be thrown from an optimum distance to make the photography bright and illuminated. You need to have a proper concept of lighting, to capture the best images with your camera.

2) Avoid the Center: One of the rules that can be derived from the photography book emphasizes to avoid the center .It has been said to avoid taking subjects in the center and capture your images. In earlier days, people just used to place their subject including a person, flower, animal etc. in the middle of their photo. But the earlier concept has changed. Professional photographers follow this rule and place the subject to any of the corners.

3) Distance From the Object: A photographer should have the adequate knowledge about the distance between the camera and the object. If the object is very small or in portrait photography, the camera can be placed at a close proximity. But in case of, landscape or scenic photography, the camera is placed at a great distance, to capture the complete scene in a single click. The distance can make a huge difference in your photographs.

4) Pay Importance to the Background of Your Image: The background and the subject, both are equally important parts of any photograph. The photographer should have proper knowledge about the background selection. Varying background will have varying effects in the photograph.

5) Proper Knowledge of Shutter Speed: In modern days, the Digital SLR camera has the special settings known as the shutter speed. When a beginner starts using a DSLR camera, he has to experiment with the shutter speed. The shutter speed allows you to freeze any particular moment like flowing water, rain droplets etc. and capture perfect images. Using the shutter speed helps you to control the freeze frame moment.

6) Keep the Settings Simple: In any DSLR camera, there are various settings options like manual or automatic. If you are a beginner and just started clicking images with your DSLR camera, try to keep your settings simple and manual. Try to get used with all distinctive features of the DSLR camera like shutter speed, shooting mode, focus lens adjustment, highlight controls and flash controls.

7) Shoot During Sunrise or Sunset: One of the most useful tips that can help you to capture perfect images, is to shoot during sunrise or sunset. During this time, the Sun is tilted at a perfect angle and the intensity of the light is crisp and cozy. The sky also changes its color and adds great background to your subject. For landscape photography, the light from the Sun plays the major role.

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