7 Tips on Gardening

tips on gardening - wholikeit.com

tips on gardening - wholikeit.com

Some important tip of gardening are:

1) Avoid the Use of Chemical Substances in Your Organic Garden: In organic farming, try to avoid using harmful chemical products like fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. These chemicals retard the growth of the vegetation and make the crops more poisonous, when consumed in the form of food. Moreover, these chemicals are a bit expensive and can increase your expenses on gardening.

2) Use the Method of Cultivation: By employing the proper method of cultivation, the soil depletes the essential nutrients required for the normal growth of the crops. Hence, cultivation is required to increase the fertility of the soil. Crop rotation should be also done in the farms. The process of crop rotation enhances the fertility of the soil and farming becomes more cost-effective.

3) Use of Natural Fertilizers: Fertilizer is a compound that enhances the yield of the farming field or your organic garden. Regular use of fertilizer helps in increasing the texture and fertility of the soil and reduces any pests or germs from harming the crop’s growth. The quality of the soil is improved and best results can be obtained in your organic garden. For nutrient deficient soil, it is advisable to use high amounts of fertilizers. But try using natural fertilizers like humus, cow dung, dead decomposed plant parts etc. Avoid using chemical fertilizer, as it can greatly harm your vegetation and crop quality. Always take care in buying the best quality natural fertilizer for your farming land or organic garden.

4) Take Note of Climatic Changes: With the changing environment, temperature and season, you should change the method of cultivation accordingly. In summer season, due to the scorching heat of the Sun, the crops get easily dried and damaged. So, water them at regular intervals of time. The summer crops and vegetables to be grown in the summer season and the winter crops during the winter season. Each of the crops has its own specific characteristic and should be grown in that particular environment. Keeping proper note of climatic changes is an ardent part of gardening.

5) Using Raised Beds to Yield Vegetation: This method of raised beds is highly advantageous for controlling aching backs and can help keep weeds at bay and help in their growth. Raised beds help in proper placement of the crops in the soil.

6) Positioning of the Plants: It is greatly important to have a proper knowledge about the positioning of the plants in the garden. There are few plants that require sunlight and few of them require shade .Hence, position your plants smartly, to earn high yield.

7) Knowledge of Watering: The proper knowledge of watering is essential to possess a healthy garden. The plants need to maintain the proper water balance for their proper growth. Some soils have high water retention capability and some have low retention capability. Hence, you should note the quality of the soil used in your garden. For great vegetation, the soil must be kept moist.

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