Ways to Earn Money Online

how to earn money online

how to earn money online

Who doesn’t love an extra income travelling to their pockets while sitting at home? Online work-from-home is an edge we get over physical jobs. Internet offers a number of convenient earning methods. These online labour markets have potential for each one who wishes to earn, be it a student who otherwise can opt for no physical work, an 80 year old person who is unable to travel or a full time employee.
Online work from home calls for absolutely zero investment! All you need to invest is some idle hours. This way, your talent and your leisure time is channelized into something productive, fetching you some good money.
Now the only problem is that internet is vast and so is the number of spammers. The easiest trick to check the legitimacy of online work providers is if they ask you for any kind of monetary investment. Online work from home options does not require you to pay any money. Moreover, there is no time constraint to bind you.
Check out the most viable work from home options here.

1. Online Tutor: Teaching methods have largely evolved with internet. Students seek good online teaching programs and are even ready to pay a price. One can offer a demo study material free of cost and then charge accordingly from the subscribers. Online video lessons, presentations, notes, e-books etc are immensely popular among students today. With success, you can also create your own study app. Byju’s, Meritnation.com, Civils Daily etc are some popular examples of online teaching as a business.

2. Filling Online Surveys: The easiest way is completing surveys. Every year, MNC’s spend millions of rupees to fetch consumer reaction to their products, to advertise, or even general opinion surveys. You can sign up with as many companies as you wish to, and fill their survey forms through your email and earn easy bucks. Some sites even offer trips and other prizes along with your cash pay.
However, brace yourself and beware of spammers here.

3. Starting a Website: Creating a website may require you to spend a little money out of your pocket, but then they offer maximum gain. There are some sites that even offer you to create a website for free, but using their URL. The theme of website is purely your choice. You may opt for offering a second hand selling spot, offer e-books on your website, create your own blog, work as an online counselor and various other options. As your viewer-base will increase, you can offer companies an advertising space on your website charging as much as Rs 15,000-20,000 monthly per advertisement. There’s a lot of money here!

4. Writer/ Blogger/ Proofreader: Born with exceptional literary skills? This is your court then. People with good writing skills are the most sought after. You can work as a content writer, frame your own poems etc and sell them over the internet, work as a proofreader for big companies or even students, and the best option is blogging. A Blog will only require you to write your opinion in your words and get paid for it. It may pay you Rs 100-200 per article. Just be cautious that you do not copy someone else’s mind. Plagiarism is punishable.

5. Freelancing: Freelancers are more open to work. Freelancing is performing a variety of work. You can work as a graphic designer, manage some facebook pages or websites etc. Everyone praises you for your photography skills? Time to be a freelance photographer. You can sell your photos, be it sceneries, photos of wildlife or even opt for online editing.

Apart from the above mentioned there are numerous other online jobs that offer sustainable revenue. Obviously, one cannot entirely depend upon these jobs for their financial needs. But, it is a convenient way to earn bucks to carry out your little expenses or as savings. One always has the option to work for as many hours they want. Social media can be effectively put to use for increasing subscribers by popularizing your work.
Best of luck amigo!

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