Real or Fake – Google Hire a 16-Years Old Boy of Chandigarh – Harshit Sharma

google hire or not harshit sharma

google hire or not harshit sharma

Social media is abuzz with the news of an Indian school boy getting selected for a job by Google at a whooping Rs 1.44 crores. As soon as the boy revealed his apparent selection with Google at such an enormous package, the news went viral like wildfire. Before giving in to the trending news, let us weigh its terms to know its authenticity.

About the Genius
Genius, as he is being referred to is a 16 year old boy from Chandigarh, India. He is currently a student of class XII (IT stream) in Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 33-B in Chandigarh. His name is Harshit Sharma. He originally hails from Mathana, Kurukshetra in Haryana. Both his parents are teachers.
Harshit alleges that he instinctively has keen interest in graphics. He always wanted to be a graphic designer.

Revelation of the News
Media reports on 31 July, 2017 revealed the news which instantly went viral on all social medias. They claimed that Harshit Sharma has been offered a job by the search giant after he submitted some of his self made posters to Google through a google-link. The extraordinary boy with his terrific graphic skills will the join Google as a graphic designer. His sheer talent has been offered Rs 1.44 crore, which stands at Rs 12 Lakh a month.

Harshit, on being interviewed, told that he always aspired to be a graphic designer. He has learnt this art of graphic designing secretly from an uncle. Harshit Sharma told The Indian Express, “I never expected to get selected for Google. Since the age of 10, I used to do graphic design as I was inspired and trained by my uncle Rohit Sharma. Slowly, it became my passion and I aimed for a job in Google. Whatever I am is because of my uncle and I owe my selection to him as I never joined any professional institute for training.”
Harshit said that his hard work paid off with this “dream come true” offer from Google. He also told he was all set to move to California on August 7, 2017 for his new job in Google.

Google’s Take on the News
As soon as the news struck to Google after the Chandigarh boy’s news going viral, a representative from Google came forward to inform that no such job offer has been made by team Google to any 16 year old boy. Google further clarified that it does not recruit any person directly from schools anywhere in the world or in any such manner as alleged by the boy. The search giant denied the authenticity of the news by explaining no such “Goggle Link” exists as alleged by the boy.
Google quoted to The Indian Express on Tuesday, “Currently, we don’t have any information on our records with respect to Harshit Sharma’s candidacy.

The viral news is fake. It finally turns out that the teenager might have spread the rumour about himself to get himself some limelight. We hope he has well learnt a lesson!

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