How to Start a Blog

tips to write a blog

tips to write a blog

Before getting into any further discussion, it is imperative that you understand what a blog actually means. A blog is a frequently updated regular online website or web page. It is typically written in a conversational style. It can be related to any topic abut which the blogger is interested to write about.

To be a successful blogger, there’s one prime requirement: passion for your topic.

Why passion is important? Because there are and there will be many people who have or might write about the similar topics like you have written or will write, but when you put in your whole creativity and interest in your work, that will make it stand apart from others. Uniqueness is what makes the difference.

There are mainly five steps to start a blog. They are as follows:

1. Decide What to Blog About: If you are a travel enthusiast, you can write about the places you have visited and what makes the journey worthwhile. If you are a gym enthusiast, you can blog about fitness and diet tips. Just be sure what you want to write about and then stat a way on it.

2. Choose a Blogging Platform: WordPress is by far, the most popular. It is flexible to use and provides the user with more autonomy. You should opt for self-hosted WordPress blogs referred to as “ blogs”

3. Find a Host and Pick a Domain Name: A host would serve you space on the internet. When others would search for your site, they can easily get you here.

Your domain is your web address. While choosing a domain name, choose the one which would be easy to remember. Go with a .com extension whenever possible. If you are not sure what to start with, you can use your name too.

Choose an account plan and pay for it. Depending upon the plan you choose to pay, you may not have to pay for it again for a fixed period of time.

4. Install WordPress: Once you have logged into your cpanel, install WordPress. Click on the Continue Installation to begin the WordPress Installation process.

5. Design it and Then Use Your Blog: After having installed it successfully, you are now a WordPress self-hosted blog owner. You can design it and customize it.

Let your creativity flow through you and make your thoughts known to others. Share your views, opinions and interests with like-minded people with the help of blogs. The more you keep writing, the better known you become.

This platform often helps new authors because publishers too, now-a-days, prefer freshers who have a hand in blogging. If they are well-known among certain lot of people in the reader’s community, it becomes easier for the publishers to publicize their books and sell them.

There are lot many ways in which blogging can be of help to you. Install WordPress and know it for yourself. Happy Blogging.

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