How to Earn Money from Youtube without Adsense

way to earn money from youtube

way to earn money from youtube

While earning money by the way of YouTube seems too lucrative, it is a rather tough task to maintain sustainable revenue from the said source. A large number of you-tubers however, entirely depend upon their YouTube skills to earn their daily bread. Advertisements make up nearly the entire revenue on YouTube. This source of income may anytime be temporarily or permanently disabled by YouTube. This uncertainty of income is as risky as it can get. To avoid any such unfortunate time, they are a few way outs you tubers can count upon to ensure earnings from YouTube. Here are three major tricks that will help you earn money on YouTube even without AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing
This is the most popular method to earn bucks over YouTube without AdSense. Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing where you earn money by each purchase made in respect of marketing done by you. Click Bank and Amazon are two big platforms for online Affiliate Marketing. Follow these simple steps to earn money by affiliate marketing…
– Create your own YouTube Channel (if you don’t own one).
– Choose a product that you feel is fit for marketing.
– Create an interesting video to lure people into buying your affiliate product.
– Upload the video on your YouTube channel.
– Provide your affiliate link (your unique URL provided by the company) in the description column of your video.

Your job ends here. You will start earning once people will watch your video and click on the provided link to buy that product. Every purchase made through your recommendation (affiliate link) will earn you a commission.

If you are keen to follow this method, you must take great care to attract as many as possible viewers to your channel. You must add a personalized touch to each of your marketing video so that people can have trust in you. Affiliate marketing is an excellent method to earn money.

Personalized e-Books
All of us have been gifted with one talent or more. How good it would be if you get paid to do what you love to do? YouTube provides exactly that platform. All you need to do to earn money from it is, transferring your knowledge into an e-book. An e-book does not necessarily need to be a story. It can range from being an e-book about your favorite recipes to teaching basic repairing techniques to the best hair styles for different occasions.
With programs like Amazon kindle, you can place your e-book up for sale. To attract customers, give an overview of your e-book in a YouTube video with a link to your e-book. If you do not wish to use hosts such as Amazon, you can invest in your own website for selling your personalized products and effectively promote them over YouTube.

YouTube channels are gaining popularity; more and more brands are looking forward to promoting their brands over these channels. This way of YouTube business is given the name of sponsorship. Your channel must have a large audience to target so that you can get easy sponsorship contracts from brands to promote their product and brand. You simply need to visit the brand’s site you would like to promote and look for their sponsorship offers, make and upload videos and earn your bucks.

Earning through YouTube has huge prospects and isn’t limited to these methods alone. We have provided the most profitable venture options to you.
Good Luck!

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