Business Ideas with Least Investment

business with low investment

business with low investment

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”- Warren Buffet

So this is what Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors and philanthropist of our times has to say to us.

Who among us would not like to be make money and see it multiply many fold for ourselves? All of us. Isn’t it? But like every tree sprouts from tiny seeds, we will have money growing for us when we invest it into something worthwhile.

So, here we bring to you 10 business ideas with least investment. Go through the same and see what benefits you the most. Invest in it and do let us know.

1. Food Catering Services: For those of you who love to serve food and are interested in offering your services by delivering food, this is a convenient option for you. You will need a minimum investment of Rs.20,000-40,000, and you are all ready for it. You can choose which occasion you would like to serve the best- birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc.

2. Lunch Box Delivery Service: In this business you don’t even have to prepare food for someone. You just need to hire few people who would have a fair idea about the geographical locations from where to collect lunch boxes and where to deliver and during what time. You need to be careful that, whatever be the situation- be it rain or storm, the lunch has to get delivered to the destined place on time.

3. Mobile Recharge and Sim-Card Shop: In-spite of online recharge options available, many people yet go for offline services. So going for this business won’t get you to loss. You can sell sim-cards too in the same shop. This business would require minimum investment of Rs.3000-5000

4. Birthday Decoration Material Shop: Birthdays are such occasions that every one of us like to make memorable for our special ones. But at times, we don’t get our required stuffs at a store. That’s why investment in this business would be worthwhile and profitable.

5. Travel Agency: You can start bus, air or railway ticket booking service as it is quite profitable business. All you need is to tie up with agents who provide bus tickets, open IRCTC account and start up.

6. Party Planning: Some of you might like to go partying and enjoy it. And those of you, who would like to make money out of organizing memorable parties for people, here you are. You can come up with your creative ideas and become a part planner. This would fetch you a good amount of money.

7. Outdoor Adventures: Do you just like to ride on? Are there places you have explored and would like to take people on tour to those places? Then why not start outdoor adventure trips. If you are ready to lead a group and be flexible while taking calculated risks, just go ahead with the option. You need to have a clear policy and a check of everyone’s physical fitness so that you don’t have to panic after reaching destination.

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