7 Tips of Career Planning

tips for career planning

tips for career planning

1) Know Your Skills: The first step before making your career planning is to understand your working skills and expertise in any particular field. Your skills can help you to get a desirable job of your choice. It is better to choose a career matching your unique skills. You will be more passionate towards your career, if you love, respect and admire your skills, then try to improvise them accordingly. Take ample time and think before choosing your work stream or job category.

2) Know Your Motivation: The second thing you need to consider is your motivation to work in that particular stream or job field. If you are motivated towards your profession, you will have more inclination towards your job life. This will help to gain prosperity and dignity in professional life and you will enjoy complete job satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your career, you will shortly become puzzled and lose the balance of job life.

3) Know Your Industry: For proper career planning you need to choose the suitable industry matching your skills and desire. It will help to achieve success in professional life and you will love your job. Proper understanding of industries is also essential to choose the best out of the lot.

4) Think Before Choosing Your Career: Always think twice before choosing your career. You cannot change your career in the middle path, as it will affect your position in the particular job role. It is better to decide and make decision before planning to go ahead with your career. Try to focus on your likes and dislikes and make decision of your career path.

5) Polish your Existing Skills: Before appearing for any job interview, you need to polish your existing skills. Your interview plays a major role in the aspects of career planning. Hence, you need to have proper knowledge of the desired skills and try to practice and brush up those skills.

6) Well Written CV: A well written CV or curriculum vitae forms an integral part of career planning. Your skills should be highlighted through your CV. The CV should be flawless and very well written to attract the employer. It is probably the best thing, to impress your employer and present your unique qualities to the organization. Some of the important qualities of a well-written CV are as follows:–

  • Clear, short and concise.
  • Clearly mention your overall working experience and achievements
  • Should be written in clear and easy readable language
  • No spelling mistakes
  • Areas of interests and your unique skills

7) Set up Your Goals: When you are sure with your career choice, set some clear goals in your professional career. These goals can be either short or long term. Try to achieve these goals and move ahead in your career graph. These goals will inspire you and keep up your motivation level.

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