6 Type of Startups that India Need to Work on

india need to work on startup

india need to work on startup

Lately, we’ve been coming across the word ‘startup’ a lot. Literally it is just a trendy word for ‘a newly established business’. For the modern India with the pool of talent it has, this word holds an important place. Our honorable Prime Minister’s ‘Start-up India Stand up India’ mission has given wings to our young entrepreneurs. The fact that India has the third largest number of startups globally, indicates our potential to become the ‘innovation hub of the world’ sooner than later.

Given the present scenario, startups are India’s ray of hope in the thunder-ridden sky. They have a pivotal role to play in India-specific problems. Let us give a thought to the kind of startups that India actually needs today.

Agriculture has been the backbone of our country for centuries now, contributing the maximum to our GDP every year. Yet it lacks the modern facilities it is in a dire need of. Manual labour is not the norm of the day anymore. And with the pace that the world is progressing, we need to invest in this sector fervently. Startups can serve in the following ways to agriculture:
– Teaching Techniques to farmers
– Providing Equipment and Technology
– Warehouse, Infrastructure and Management
– Distribution solutions
– Yield Improvement Technologies
– Farming Education

Agricultural demand will never cease to exist, hence the future for startups in this field is guaranteed bright.

Startup entrepreneurs can hope for better opportunities under make in India campaign while contributing to their country as well has themselves. With the changing mindset of people towards Indian brands there is scope for advancements in manufacturing. It thus makes the best sector for entrepreneurs to focus their venture. Manufacturing startups will help India in competitive growth against foreign brands by offering process automation, waste minimization and yield improvement solutions, warehouse management services, logistics control and optimization strategies, import and export domain, after market solutions -spare parts and services, efficiency and productivity enhancement etc.

Job and Guide Portals
This is one area that is in the hour of need to develop. We in India do have the largest pool of talent, but there is no one to guide them adequately. A startup in job portal can guide the students to choose the best field in which they can contribute to their maximum. Every students seeks for someone who can assure that he/she is preparing the right way, the most appropriate college/university for them, the career options at their disposal, to choose among the jobs in the market, future prospects etc. It involves guiding students through an important as well as confused period in their lives, focusing on admissions, career advice, financial aid, athletics, extracurricular activities and other concerns.

India has an immense population and immense transportation problem. The key is to develop an alternative method of transportation that reduces the traffic problem and is within the affordability limits. One individual startup can focus in one particular field of transportation. Safety commuting system for senior citizens, for tourism purpose, pilgrimage travel etc.

Affordable, Hygienic and Tasty Food
In the wake of western nations, Indian youth has been keen to adopt the policy of consuming fast food as a meal. Consuming fast food daily is tiring and unhealthy. Supply of healthy and affordable home-like food to office personnel and non natives can be an effective startup idea.

Health Care Portal
Health is one thing that we have little control over. No matter how hard we try, the environment we live in today makes us prone to a number of health problems. Our grandparents used to encounter health problems after 80’s, our parents after 60’s and we today our losing our health even before our 40’s. Startups in this field can opt for:
– Details and reviews about all nearby doctors.
– Healthcare tips and tricks
– E-commerce portal for medicines purchase
– Portal with old Indian remedies

If startups can reduce and replace costly medicines, it will definitely be appreciated by mass creating a larger market volume for affordable services.

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