10 Essential Dining Habits and Etiquette

essential dining habits and etiquette - wholikeit.com

essential dining habits and etiquette - wholikeit.com

Proper understanding and sufficient knowledge of dining etiquette is very important for anyone, to maintain proper decency on the dining table. It is a mere matter of adequate practice and the willingness to learn the dining habits, which can completely enhance your personality. These dining etiquettes can help to present your persona in a group meeting or lunch. Appropriate knowledge of table manners can lead you to a successful life. You can definitely win the deal of a business proposal or job promotion.

Some of the essential dining habits and etiquettes are discussed below:–

1) Make Prior Reservation: Firstly, you need to make a prior reservation in the restaurant, if you’re planning for some group lunch/dinner. You would not want your guests to wait for a long time and keep waiting to get the table. This could throw a bad impression on your guests and they can even get offended.

2) Follow the Dress Code: You should always maintain the dress code of specific restaurants. The dress should be properly chosen, to suit your occasion aptly. If you are attending a business lunch, you need to wear proper business suit. Your guest will feel more pleased through your dressing sense.

3) Maintain Cleanliness: Proper maintenance of personal hygiene is the vital part of dining manners. Proper grooming may help you to learn this dining etiquette. You should always maintain the factor of cleanliness on the dining table. Before starting to eat the food stuffs, you should thoroughly wash your both hands properly with medicated soap. A proper sitting posture is also to be maintained at the dining table. You need to sit straight without leaning with any table support.

4) Place Order Politely: When all your guests have arrived, you need to ask for the menu card and place your order politely. You don’t have to shout at the waiters, instead place your food order in a calm and peaceful manner. You also need to wait for all your food to arrive and then start eating. You always need to choose the right utensils, to eat your food.

5) Proper Serving of the Food: To initialize proper serving, you can ask the waiter to do the serving of the food.

6) Eating Habit: A proper eating habit is also necessary to maintain proper dining etiquettes. Do not lick the food from the utensils or spoon and make terrible sound of chewing foods. These habits are quite annoying and can be extremely criticized by your guests. You should not stuff excess amount of food once. Try to eat in small proportion and chew the food appropriately.

7) Avoid Talking While Eating: One of the very annoying habit is talking while eating. You should definitely avoid this habit, because while talking most of the food particles come out of the mouth and can be a complete eye sore. After you chew the food, you can resume your conversation.

8) Eat Properly: It sometimes happens that the food might get stuck to your teeth. Never use your hand to remove the food particle, instead excuse yourself and go to the washroom.

9) Seek Permission After Meal: You should always seek proper permission of living from all your other guests. This throws a great positive impression of your character and shows that you are well versed in the dining etiquettes.

10) After the Meal: After the meal you can patiently ask the waiter about your bill. And if you are satisfied with the service you can even pay some small tips.

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