Navjot Singh Sidhu Sacked from the Kapil Sharma show?

sidhu slacked from kapil sharma show
sidhu slacked from kapil sharma show

Famous politician and former cricketer Navjot Sigh Sidhu who is also a television personality has been reportedly replaced with Archana Puran Singh in the favorite comedy show, The Kapil Sharma Show at Sony TV. Navjot Singh Sidhu said he is unaware about this development. After his comments on the Pulwama Terror attack benchmarked the channel; as a result hashtags such as #boycottsidhu and #boycottthekapilsharmashow are in trend. Many Indians desired his expulsion from the show. This compelled the channel to take this decision of replacing him with some other actor.

Criticizing the terror attack of Pulwama district, the 55-year-old Navjot Singh Sidhu had said “Terrorists are beyond the reach of sect and religion(deen and Mazhab)” in addition to this he said we cannot blame the whole nation for the terrorists attack in any region. He also called to find the permanent solution to stop this shedding of blood.

Although the channel has not issued any statement yet, from the sources it has been heard that this controversy is indirectly affecting the show, hence channel will replace the Sidhu, and he won’t be working with Kapil Sharma’s show anymore. The show is in talks with the Archana Puran Singh to replace Sidhu, adding further the sources said that they already shot few episodes and they are in dilemma what to do with these episodes. However, when Archana Puran Singh was contacted for the same, she said she is clueless and do not have any idea about the whole act. And further added from media she got the information as nobody contacted her for this show although she had shot two episodes for the channel but before the terror attack. She still has to get the official communication from the creative head of the show.

Whereas Sidhu is stuck to his comments and even uploaded a video on social media (Twitter). Video says that his presence was needed at Vidhan Sabha’s session, as a result of this he couldn’t go for the shooting of the comedy show “The Kapil Sharma Show” where he is a judge, and the channel called someone else to shoot for two episodes. He didn’t receive any official confirmation from the channel regarding his termination. However, regarding his statement, he will be sticking to his speech.

Even the cast members of the show got shocked form the development as it was sudden. Actor Sumona Chakravarti, who is also a member of the show found it to believe that how a sensitive statement can affect the career of a person. And she is also not aware of the replacement. Everyone is waiting for the channel to make an official statement regarding the replacement. And she also said that everyone has his or her opinion and it should not has any impact on the show. The comedian Bharti Singh said she is also unaware about Sidhu’s replacement. And on 20 February show, they will know about the person who will be sitting in the show.

And this is not the first time that the channel is facing the controversy and sacking the celebrity from the channel.

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