Jammu & Kashmir – Pulwama Terror Attack: The Deadliest Attack

Jammu & Kashmir - Pulwama Terror Attack
Jammu & Kashmir - Pulwama Terror Attack

SRINAGAR: Around 39CRPF force were killed in the terrorist attack of Thursday in J&K when a vehicle carrying explosive of 100kg banged into their bus. The car was driven by the suicide bomber Jaish in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. More than 2500 personnel of CRPF were travelling in the convoy. Many of them were rejoining their duty after the leaves, but the attack left many injured intensely, a statement made by officials.

The convoy of 79 vehicles was ambushed at around 3:15 PM on the highway of Srinagar – Jammu in Awantipora area of South Kashmir. The Pakistan based terror group called Jaish e Mohammad made themselves responsible for this attack at J & Highway, said the officials.

The suicide bomber Adil Ahmed has been identified behind this attack, who joined the terror group in 2018. The official said that he was driving on the wrong side of the road carrying 100kg of explosives in his vehicle and all of the sudden he hit the bus of CRPF personnel in which 39-44 staff were travelling towards the valley for rejoining the duty.

Adding to the above the officials said that it is difficult to find any survivor from the bus yet it is ascertained to find out the exact number of personnel on the bus as the body parts of the people in the bus can be seen scattered around the area where the attack was planned. However, officials said that around 39 Central Railway Police Force personnel might have lost their lives and others are, and also few are in critical condition. However, they refused to give the details of the exact number of people boarded in the bus as the bodies of the casualties are disfigured and scattered all around making it difficult to identify the figures, said by the senior security establishment official.

It was the 76th battalion of force whose bus was targeted for the attack at Pulwama district. The bus got crushed into a heap of iron when slammed with the vehicle of 100kgs of explosives and 20 people got injured at that time. Moreover, several other buses around also got damaged in this terror attack. As the large convoy with 2500 personnel were travelling in 78buses and they started their journey from Jammu at 3:30 am and were supposed to reach the valley in Srinagar before the sun sets.

CRPF DG RR Bhatnagar told that the convoy was large and 2500 personnel were travelling in many vehicles.  Firing also happened to target the few convoys.

This attack was one of the deadliest attacks in the 30 years history of militants. When the convoy of CRPF personnel was travelling towards Srinagar, a terrorist drove an SUV towards their convoy loading his vehicle with explosives and slammed his truck to the bus of the force injuring 20 people.

Prime minister Narender Modi condemned on the terrorist attack and said that the sacrifice of these brave soldiers would not go in vain as they have made a big mistake na have to pay for it. Many political leaders and celebrities condemned on the IED blast in Pulwama district on Thursday. The explosion was so powerful that it was heard at many kilometres away from the attack spot in Srinagar.

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