India Strike back after pulwama attack – 20 minutes! 12 Mirage! 1000Kg Bombs!

india strike back pulwana attack
india strike back pulwana attack

On the 13th day of Pulwama attack, the Indian Airforce showed its valour by attacking the Balakot in Pakistan and destroyed three training caps of the terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad. At dawn on Tuesday when Pakistan slept, 12 Mirage fighter jet of Indian army crossed the LOC and dropped bombs destroying the vast terror training camps which were the hub of suicide attack training. Most of the weapons are dropped between POK and Muzaffarabad only.

At around 3:45 am, Indian Air force crossed the borderline of India and Pakistan dropped 1000kg bombs at the camp of the terror group and at around 4:05am our force was back in the country. In this attack 350 terrorists including Azhar, the brother in law of Jaish were killed, says the sources

Foreign secretary Mr Vijay Gokhale confirmed the airstrike and congratulated the Indian air force for their valour. This strike was necessary and planned on behalf of credible information received regarding the Jaish’s planning for more terror strikes in India. And further he added that was a pre-emptive strike, not a military strike. As none of the citizens is harmed of the nation. Indian Air force crossed LOC for the first time after the 1971 war.  Hours after India confirmed this airstrike, PM Narender Modi assured the people in his rally in Rajasthan that country is in safe hands.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan called an emergency meeting after the strike in Islamabad where he said that India had committed uncalled for aggression to which Pakistan shall respond at the time and place of its choosing.

Sources said that this strike was the success and it went exactly the same as it was planned and all the jets returned back without a single scratch on them. Although Pakistan tried to muddle up the F16 could all went in vain, and they couldn’t seize the Indian Air force jets.

After the strike, India briefed about the attack to all the major powers of the world, and it triggered strong utterance from the nations such as France and Australia. Moreover, China, whose Pakistan is “All weather ally” also persuaded both the countries, Pakistan and India to make use of the prudence. The same kind of tensions was faced by both the nation in the 1999 Kargil war.

Top Bureaucrats told that the Balakot operation has sent a strong message of India to Pakistan that cost of not taking action against terrorism after being warned about them can make their soil heavy too. After the Pulwama attack on 14th February, a cabinet committee chaired by PM Modi sat together and discussed the terror attack and decided to a strong message to terrorism said the sources.

But after the strike, the foreign secretary of India said that credible information was received from the intelligence that Jaish was planning for another suicide attack in various parts of India and was also providing training to suicide bombers for the same reason. And India had informed about this planning to Pakistan but due to inactivity of Pakistan regarding this major concern leads to this strike by the Indian air force, asserted the foreign secretary.

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