Childrens Day(Bal Divas) Celebration in India

children day celebration in india

children day celebration in india

Children’s day is celebrated every year on 14th of November to increase the sensitivity towards children, their education and their rights. It is also known as Bal Divas in India. The reason behind celebrating children’s day on 14th November every year is that 14th November is the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and he loved children a lot. Children are the future of the nation. They have to lead the nation in a successful way to change from developing to developed. They are too adorable and precious just like real pearls. Children are indeed the greatest gift to the parents by the almighty.

Pandit Nehru was loved by children in the same way and was therefore famous by the name of chacha Nehru (Uncle Nehru) among children. He worked ambitiously for the welfare of children as well as the youth after the independence of India aiming the education, progress and welfare of the children. Today’s most successful educational institutes of India like IIT, All India Institute of Medical Sciences and IIM were established by him for the progress and development of the youth of India.

He laid the base to convert our country from an emerging nation into a world power. He made policies which provided free of cost primary education, free mid day meals to the children studying in schools to break the vicious trap of malnutrition. This affection and love of Chacha Nehru towards the children of our nation is a big reason why we celebrate Children’s Day on his birth anniversary.

Children’s day is a day when a great freedom fighter, a prominent leader and a devoted social worker is remembered. It is celebrated each year by organizing cultural programs and a variety of fun activities throughout the nation. All the Government institutes, non government organizations, private and government schools and a lot of other official bodies conduct variety of functions as well as competitions for the kids to make them aware about their duties and rights and make them feel happy.

Parents also take the initiative to participate in these events to make their children feel special. They distribute toys, greeting cards and gifts to their children.

Nehru ji always wished that his birthday should be celebrated as Children’s Day. Hence, we offer him tribute by celebrating 14th November as Children’s Day.

The day is undoubtedly made special for kids but reality is not always what is visible from the top. Only a limited fraction of the country’s children are aware about children’s day. Many schools and other organizations organize events and parties for their students, but there is a considerable league of little angles that are brushed aside on this special day – the underprivileged street children.

Rather than celebrating it in a glorious manner in schools and other institutes, why cannot we bring a change in the lives of young ones who are unable to keep the wolf from the door. While celebrating, the blessed ones should be taught to be happy with whatever they have with them and thank God for it because there are others who barely have food or clothes to live with peace.

Childhood is a part of life which should be necessarily given a right track to become successful in the future as an asset of the country. This can be done only by giving right education, care and way to progress. Since this day was instituted for the welfare of children, we cannot change every child’s life but we can surely transform a child’s life by doing something special. We have a lot of days to celebrate and party, but how about sharing some of our fortune with those little citizens.

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